‘Blood Oath’ (DS9) (TV)



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This is a ‘DS9’ episode that could’ve been good if it had stronger connections to the original ‘Star Trek’ TV series with three actors returning to play three Klingon characters. Sadly, it wasn’t like that for me.

‘Blood Oath’ features the return of John Colicos as Kor, William Campbell as Koloth and Michael Ansara as Kang. All these three actors were in episodes of the original ‘Star Trek’ TV series playing Klingons. 🙂

Kor was in the episode ‘Errand of Mercy’, Koloth was in ‘The Trouble with Tribbles’ and Kang was in ‘Day of the Dove’. I was so excited about these three ‘Star Trek’ actors returning to play these Klingons.

I was looking forward to hearing them make past references to their appearances in the original ‘Star Trek’ TV series and how they met Captain Kirk. Sadly, that didn’t happen in the episode with the three.

Instead we got a story where Jadzia Dax reunites with these three Klingons having known them as Curzon in a past life. Surely Jadiza could’ve mentioned Kirk’s name to the three Klingon in this episode.

I know I sound harsh. Maybe I’m being judgemental considering the three old actors playing Klingons are excellent. But when you have these three coming from the original ‘Star Trek’, you do expect more.

Let’s talk about the episode. Odo helps Quark with sorting out a drunk Klingon, turning out to be Kor, who takes too long in having a battle in a holosuite. Odo takes Kor away and puts him in a holding cell.

Very soon, Odo receives a visit from Koloth who’s come to release Kor. But when he sees Kor still quite drunk in his holding cell, Koloth changes his mind, quite appalled. Odo rolls his eyes in keeping Kor on.

Odo shares his experiences of meeting Klingons to Kira when giving her a report in ops. Jadzia overhears Kor and Koloth’s names. She soon goes down to free Kor and to reunite with him and Koloth.

Jadzia knows why these Klingons have come to DS9 and soon she, Kor and Koloth are joined by Kang. Kang has summoned his two Klingon comrades as well as Dax to destroy the power base of the Albino.

Just to point out, the three Klingons look very different compared to how they were in the original ‘Star Trek’ TV show. They now have bumpy Klingon foreheads compared to the normal looks they had.

Did I mention William Campbell played Trelane in ‘The Squire of Gothos’? (clears throat) Anyway, the Klingons are keen to kill the Ailbino, this pirate leader, as revenge for the deaths of their firstborn sons.

Curzon Dax was the godfather to Kang’s murdered son and swore a Klingon ‘blood oath’ (hence the title) with Kor, Koloth and Kang to find and kill the Albino. Jadzia is determined to honour the blood oath.

Sharing this with Kira, Jadzia is warned about what will happen if she decides to go out killing people. Kang isn’t so keen about Jadzia accompanying him, Kor and Koloth since she has no obligation to them.

But Jadzia is very keen to honour Curzon’s memory by abiding to the oath and insists on joining the quest. She gets the support of Kor and even battles Koloth in a bat’leth fight to prove herself so worthy.

Eventually, Kang accepts Jadiza to accompany him, Kor and Koloth to find the Albino. Sisko isn’t very happy about Jadzia going off on a Klingon mission as she’s a Starfleet officer. But nothing will stop her.

Yeah this is where I feel the episode went downhill for me. I believe this episode was originally meant to feature different Klingon characters rather the ones we got in Kor, Koloth and Kang with Jadzia Dax.

Now, I appreciate this episode is meant to give Jadzia Dax more of a connection to Klingons, especially when Curzon’s involved. But with three original ‘Star Trek’ Klingons back, it felt pretty underwhelming.

Eventually, the three Klingons and Jadzia go to the planet where the Albino is based. They fight him and his forces in a glorious battle. It finishes with the Albino dead as well as Kang and Koloth dead too.

Jadzia and Kor live to fight another day. Jadzia returns to DS9 for her science officer duties, but the atmosphere is tense with Sisko disapproving and Kira quite sympathetic. Thankfully Dax is still in ‘DS9’.

‘Blood Oath’ isn’t really a favourite ‘DS9’ episode for me. It was nice to see Kor, Koloth and Kang back, but I wish there was more connections to Kirk and the original ‘Star Trek’ instead of this average effort.

‘Blood Oath’ (DS9) rating – 5/10

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