‘Bloodlines’ (TNG) (TV)

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This is an example of one of those ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episodes where it could’ve been great but it ended up being disappointing. I wish I could say this is a great ‘TNG’ episode, but it did not end up being that.

‘Bloodlines’ is a sequel of sorts to the Season 1 ‘TNG’ episode called ‘The Battle’. It features the return of Bok, who was a Ferengi DaiMon that tried to kill Picard as an act of revenge for the death of his son.

This time however, it’s Lee Arenberg who plays Bok in the episode, not Frank Corsentino as in ‘The Battle’ episode. I wonder why they couldn’t get Frank Corsentino to reprise the role as Bok for this one.

Now here’s the thing. I quite like ‘The Battle’ as an episode. But this is an episode that’s a sequel to one of the episodes from ‘TNG’s first season and I’m not very certain viewers will remember that one.

I mean, I recall ‘The Battle’ as an episode very well considering I re-watched certain episodes of Season 1 of ‘TNG’ a few times in 2005. But that does not guarantee viewers watching at the time will recall it.

Anyway, in the episode, Bok sends a holographic version of himself with a message via a probe to the Enterprise. He announces his intention to kill Picard’s son to avenge the death of his own son in battle.

This is a surprise to Picard as it is to everyone else since he wasn’t aware he had a son. It turns out the son Picard has that Bork is referring to is Jason Vigo, who is the son of the woman called Miranda Vigo.

Picard indeed confirms that he had a past relationship with Miranda Vigo before he went into his Starfleet career. He had meant to keep in touch with Miranda, but something that did not materialise.

The Enterprise eventually picks up Ken Olandt as Jason Vigo from a planet where he’s rock-climbing. A DNA test soon confirms that Jason is indeed Picard’s son, which is a shock to the two in this episode.

What I do like about this episode is that Picard does make the effort to bond with Jason, unlike when he was reluctant to be the parent in ‘Suddenly Human’. But his efforts with Jason prove rather difficult.

Jason doesn’t seem to want anything to do with Picard and accept him as his father. Picard also learns that Jason has a criminal record since he has been convicted of petty theft and trespassing in the past.

Meanwhile, Picard and the Enterprise have more things to worry about since Bok beams to the ship twice using subspace transport technology. Bok does this to repeat his threats to Picard to kill his son.

Picard even meets Bok in his ready room and tries to persuade him not to kill Jason, saying that he’s sorry. But Bok is filled with bitterness and he refuses to hear Picard before he beams off the Enterprise.

Jason also suffers attacks from an unknown disease. His hand shudders holding a glass and he convulses in his quarters. As Beverly Crusher investigates, she finds something interesting about Jason.

Very soon, Bok beames Jason off the Enterprise and onto his own ship using his subspace transport technology. With Geordi and Data’s help, Picard uses the subspace transport technology to save Jason.

When Picard confronts Bok holding Jason as his hostage, two revelations are made. It turns out Bok isn’t a DaiMon since he was stripped off his rank two years ago and it transpires Jason isn’t Picard’s son.

What?! Yeah, it turns out, according to Beverly, that Bok re-sequenced Jason’s DNA to make it look like he was Picard’s son. This was so Bok could make Picard feel guilty on what it’s like to lose a son.

I was disappointed with this revelation. I mean, why couldn’t they have had Jason truly be Picard’s son in the episode. It would’ve been great and could’ve provided a very exciting action-packed climax.

Picard could’ve beamed over to Bok’s ship and tried to rescue Jason before killing Bok in the process. That would’ve worked. Also, it’s not explained clearly how Bok managed to re-sequence Jason’s DNA.

In the end though, the three other Ferengi aboard Bok’s ship disarm and arrest him, where he lives to fight another day. The Enterprise takes Jason back to his planet where Picard says his goodbye to him.

‘Bloodlines’ is an episode that really could’ve been great had Jason been Picard’s son all this time. The revelation that he was not his son in the climax was very disappointing and it should’ve been far better.

‘Bloodlines’ (TNG) rating – 7/10

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