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booby trap tng

This is a Geordi episode in ‘Star Trek: TNG’. Geordi has to save the Enterprise from a mine field-like asteroid belt emitting radiation. He obtains help from a holographic woman that he falls in love with.

I like how this episode explores Geordi’s insecurities in forming romantic relationship with women. I can sympathise with Geordi on that level since I’ve struggled with forming friendships with women.

This is especially indicated at the beginning when Geordi has a hot date with one of the crew members, Julie Warner as Christy. Christy is not romantically interested in Geordi as he seems to be.

But that’s not the issue for Geordi. His issue is having trouble to find things to say when talking to women or forming a romantic attachment to them. He feels more comfortable with being an engineer.

I like that scene that Geordi has with Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan in the Ten Forward. He shares his anxieties about women to Geordi and it is nice scene between the two on how they perceive things.

It’s also one of those scenes where see LeVar Burton and Whoopi Goldberg working together in ‘Star Trek’. These two are friends and LeVar was the one who got Whoopi to guest star in ‘Star Trek: TNG’.

Meanwhile in the episode, the Enterprise investigates an asteroid-laden sector of space where a final battle between the Menthars and the Promellians took place. They receive a distress call there.

The distress call comes from a Promellian battlecruiser. Captain Picard decides to investigate. He himself leads the away team with him, Data and Worf by beaming over to the ship to discover more.

I liked that scene in the transporter room before they beam over to the ship. Picard gets frustrated that nobody seems to have played with ‘ships in bottles’ when they were little as he seems to have.

Worf and Data’s responses are amusing. Worf never played with toys and Data was never a boy. 😀 Colm Meaney as Chief O’Brien tells Picard he played with ‘ships in bottles’, making Picard so happy.

Eventually, the Enterprise discover more about what happened with the Promellian battlecrusier before they get themselves caught in the booby trap. The Enterprise needs to find a way out of this.

Geordi soon has an idea on how to get the Enterprise out of the asteroid belt. He goes into holodeck #3 where he gets help from the Enterprise’s construction and blueprints created by Dr. Leah Brahms.

Not only that, but Geordi has a holographic representation of Leah Brahms herself to help him. Susan Gibney guest stars as Leah Brahms. In the episode, Geordi finds herself falling in love with her.

I do like how Geordi finds it uncomfortable that Leah Brahms seems to be bland and without any personality. He requests the computer to update Leah Brahm’s hologram with her own personality.

This seems to work as Leah becomes more interesting and easy for Geordi to work with. They have arguments during this episode on how to solve the problem, but they grow attached to each other.

The episode has Geordi and Leah struggling to find ways of manoeuvring the Enterprise out of the asteroid field. There’s a lot of technical jargon featured in the episode that I don’t really understand.

Eventually however, Geordi comes up with a solution as he suggests to Picard that they get out of the asteroid field by using the manual approach. Picard agrees and decides to pilot the ship himself.

It was tense when Picard took charge by taking Wesley’s place and piloting the Enterprise out of the asteroid belt. He manages to do it and even achieves it with a slingshot effect of one o the asteroids.

The episode ends with Geordi and Leah saying goodbye to each other in the holodeck. Leah says that she’ll always be with him and they even kiss each other at the end of the episode which is so sweet.

‘Booby Trap’ is a pretty decent ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episode to watch and it has some interesting character development for Geordi. It also sees him handling this romantic connection to a hologram.

Little did I realise that this was the first time that Leah Brahms appeared in ‘Star Trek: TNG’ and that she would return again. It’s extraordinary that these recurring characters can be so important, isn’t it?

‘Booby Trap’ (TNG) rating – 7/10

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