‘Captain’s Holiday’ (TNG) (TV)



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This episode sees Captain Picard taking a week’s break away from the Enterprise as he goes to the holiday planet Risa. The episode also introduces Vash, Picard’s love interest and it features a Ferengi.

‘Captain’s Holiday’ begins with Picard returning to the Enterprise after a diplomatic mission with Counsellor Troi. Noticing Picard’s fatigue, the Enterprise crew persuade the captain to take a holiday.

I really like that scene where Picard’s in his ready room and Beverly comes to see him. In the scene, she does the same thing Spock did with persuading Kirk to have a break on a planet in ‘Shore Leave’.

Now in that episode, Kirk fell for the bluff Spock made by not revealing the identity of the crewmember under stress. But in this episode, Picard is able to see through that bluff from Beverly.

This proves one thing! Picard is a better ‘Star Trek’ captain than Kirk (Readers boo at Tim). Nah, I’m joking. Kirk will always be the best ‘Star Trek’ captain. But how did Picard see through Beverly’s bluff?

Eventually, Picard notices more people pressuring him to take a vacation like Riker. Riker suggests to Picard that he go to the pleasure planet, Risa. It seems that Picard is hard to persuade in this matter.

That is until Deanna Troi sneakily says that her mother is going to visit the Enterprise soon. This persuades Picard to change his mind as he falls for it. So Picard fell for Deanna but not Beverly? Huh!

I just found it funny that Picard would choose to go on a holiday to Risa and avoid Deanna’s mother. Anyway, Picard gets packed as he goes off to enjoy his holiday on Risa whilst the Enterprise is gone.

But the holiday isn’t smooth-running and peaceful as it seems. On Risa, Picard arrives to be kissed by a woman he’s never met. This is Jennifer Hetrick as Vash, who is fending off this Ferengi stalking her.

Vash is an attractive lady who becomes Picard’s love interest. She makes three appearances in ‘Star Trek’ including two tales in ‘TNG’ and one in ‘DS9’. I’ll get to her other two ‘Star Trek’ episodes soon.

Despite being very attractive, Vash happens to be a woman with questionable ethics as well as being an expert in archaeology. Picard grows to like Vash, as they soon go on this little adventure together.

There’s also Max Grodénchik as…Nog? Okay, he’s not Nog in this episode as he happens to be Sovak, the Ferengi stalking Vash in the story. But he would later star as Nog in the ‘Deep Space Nine’ series.

Sovak is nefarious as he’s stalking Vash to get a data disc from her. He accuses Picard of conspiring with Vash after she kissed him upon arrival. Picard and Vash try to shake Sovak off during the story.

I have met Max Grodénchik before in real life at the ‘Bournemouth Film and Comic Con’ in August 2015. It’s amazing this is one of Max’s earliest ‘Star Trek’ appearances before he played Nog in ‘DS9’.

Picard is soon visited by two Vorgons who appear in his guest room on Risa. These two Vorgans, played by Karen Landry and Michael Champion, happen to come from the future in the 27th century.

They’re looking specifically for Picard who they expected to arrive on Rise early on in the episode. They claim to be time-travelling police agents who are looking for the Tox Uthat, a powerful weapon.

Apparently, according to the Vorgans’ historical records, Picard will find this object on Risa. This is based on a data disk that Picard finds in his possession, as Vash had slipped it to him during the tale.

I really like how the episode develops Picard’s relationship with Vash as they grow to like each other before falling love with each other. Picard knows that Vash’s trouble when looking for the Tox Uthat.

The episode features a number of plot twists involving Vash deceiving Sovak, which Picard manages to see through. It also reveals something about the Vorgans, who may not claim to be who they are.

By the time the episode ends, Picard and Vash say goodbye to each other. I didn’t think Vash would return to Picard’s life again in the series. I just assumed Vash was this one-off love interest for Picard.

‘Captain’s Holiday’ is an enjoyable episode with Picard taking a pleasure holiday that turns into an adventure with an attractive lady named Vash and a nefarious Ferengi. What more can you ask for?

‘Captain’s Holiday’ rating – 8/10

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