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If ‘Blood Oath’ was a disappointment on my part for featuring three Klingon characters from the original ‘Star Trek’ series, ‘Crossover’ made up for it in spades. Even my Mum found this episode good.

This is a sequel to the classic ‘TOS’ episode ‘Mirror, Mirror’. Kirk and Spock even get a mention in this episode. Yes! This episode has two of our regular characters visiting the Mirror Universe. Very exciting!

In the episode, Kira and Bashir are on their way back to DS9 after visiting the Gamma Quadrant. But when they go through the wormhole, something goes wrong. They soon end up in the Mirror Universe.

Kira and Bashir are shocked to find everything changed. DS9 is called Terok Nor and is positioned in orbit of Bajor instead of the wormhole. There is an alliance between the Klingons and the Cardassians.

They also find doubles of the people they know in their universe. This includes a double of Kira who is the Intendant of Terok Nor. This alternative version of Kira is quite naughty and less rigid than our one.

‘Crossover’ is an episode that allows Nana Visitor to enjoy playing two characters in the same scenes. It was interesting to see how our universe Kira interacted with the Mirror version of Kira in the episode.

The Intendant Kira has her second-in-command in Andrew J. Robinson as Garak, dressed in full Cardassian uniform. Garak’s slimier than the one we know in our universe since he wants to betray Kira.

There’s also the situation with the humans (called Terrans in the Mirror Universe) who have now become slaves on Terok Nok. This is the result of the Terran Empire collapsing long ago in this universe.

Intendant Kira informs Major Kira what happened when Spock tried to follow our universe’s Kirk’s advice to reform the Terran Empire at the end of ‘Mirror, Mirror’. This didn’t go totally well in the end.

Once Spock had reformed the Terran Empire in a peaceful manner, it led to the empire’s defences being lowered. The Terran Empire was unprepared for the attack from the Klingon-Cardassian alliance.

Thus the Terrans were overthrown and they became slaves to the Klingons and Cardassians as well as the Bajorans who joined in on the alliance. This gets illustrated in the Terran slavery aboard Terok Nor.

Kira of course is unaware of what happened with Captain Kirk in the ‘Mirror, Mirror’ episode. Bashir knows of it of course since he studied the incident at Starfleet Academy. The two plan a way out for an escape.

Whilst Bashir is made to work in the mines aboard Terok Nor, under Odo’s cruel supervision, he tries to be friendly the Mirror version of Chief O’Brien. O’Brien isn’t very willing to go against his oppressors.

It was intriguing to see the Mirror versions of other characters featured in this ‘DS9’ episode. There’s Quark who is rather benign and assists the Terrans in their enslavement before he gets caught and killed.

There’s also Sisko, who gets better treatment than the other Terrans. He’s a cocky, laid-back pirate working on behalf of the Klingon-Cardassian alliance. He wins favour with Intendant Kira and calls O’Brien ‘Smiley’.

Throughout the episode, Intendant Kira tries to seduce Major Kira to be closer to her and that she has nothing to fear. It’s almost lesbian in a way. Typical though. Kira Nerys is falling in love with herself. 😀

Major Kira has a visit from Garak in her allocated quarters. He shares his plans on killing the Intendant in exchange for letting him and Bashir escape. It means having to impersonate the Intendant for a bit.

Kira asks for help from the pirate-like Sisko, though he just shrugs it off. She soon tells Bashir that they must find a way to escape to their runabout no matter what. Thankfully the two do escape in the end.

Just to point out, as well as Mirror Quark getting killed in the episode, Mirror Odo gets killed when shot at by Bashir. Wow! Intendant Kira’s not very happy about that when she’s at a lavish party in this.

Mirror O’Brien eventually helps Bashir as well as Major Kira with escaping from Terok Nor as well as Mirror Sisko who has a change of heart. Kira and Bashir get back into their runabout and flee into the wormhole.

All is well as Kira and Bashir return to their universe. ‘Crossover’ is a very good ‘DS9’ episode in Season 2. It’s no surprise this episode won many people over with further appearances in the Mirror universe.

‘Crossover’ (DS9) rating – 9/10

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