‘Data’s Day’ (TNG) (TV)

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This is another one of my favourite episodes from Season 4 of ‘TNG’. It’s an episode all about Data, as it’s taken directly from his point of view and how he details a day in his life aboard the Enterprise.

Data is composing a letter to Commander Bruce Maddox about his life aboard on the Enterprise with a focus on his friendships with the rest of the crew. This makes for a very entertaining diary account.

For those of you who don’t remember Bruce Maddox, he was the man who tried to disassemble Data in ‘The Measure of a Man’. I do like how this ‘TNG’ episode plays out from Data’s point of view.

The episode begins when Data is relieved of his duties of night-watch by Commander Riker. In fact, the episode ends with Data returning to his duty of night-watch by relieving Lt. Worf in the episode.

I didn’t think that the Enterprise would have a day and night-watch. I assume this is barring any crisis the Enterprise faces when they encounter threats like Borg and Romulans and it has to be day-time.

Anyway, Data is involved in the wedding of Colm Meany as Chief O’Brien and Enterprise botanist Rosalind Chao as Keiko Ishikawa. Chief O’Brien is getting married?! How long has this been going on?

Yes, this is the first time we meet Keiko in ‘Star Trek’ and she’s getting married to Chief O’Brien. Apparently Data introduced Keiko to Chief O’Brien. They’ve been going out together for some time.

Data is meant to give the bride away, but Keiko announces that she’s cancelled the wedding. Data delivers the news to Chief O’Brien, believing that it will make Keiko happy since she says that it will.

But of course, Chief O’Brien is far from happy when Data delivers the news. I liked it when Geordi suggests that he’d better deliver the news next time and Data has a look of “Was it something I said?”

Meanwhile, the Enterprise receives a visit from a Vulcan ambassador, Sierra Pecheur as T’Pel. T’Pel has arranged a secret meeting with the Romulans. She requests only to see Picard and nobody else.

I like how this episode focuses on Data’s point of view and we never get to see what goes on with Picard and T’Pel in their talks together. Data makes his own observations about the mystery of it all.

I also enjoyed the scenes where Data asks Beverly Crusher to give him some dancing lessons. This is in preparation for the wedding. Beverly Crusher was once known as ‘The Dancing Doctor’ for a time.

By the way, Gates McFadden is in real-life a dance choreographer as well an actress. So it must have been nice for her to get the chance to use her dance skills as well as working along Brent Spiner too.

Beverly teaches Data some tap dancing, which was fun and amusing to watch. Beverly didn’t know Data was learning to dance for O’Brien and Keiko’s wedding, so she teaches him so ‘proper’ dancing.

By the way, this episode features the first appearance of Spot, Data’s cat. I don’t know how Data got Spot in the first place, as it is never explained. Spot would pop up now and again in ‘Star Trek: TNG’.

I like the scenes where Chief O’Brien asks Data to persuade Keiko to change her mind and to go through the wedding. Data tries it, but Keiko seems angry and tells him to leave her alone in the end.

Eventually, the Enterprise rendezvous with a Romulan warbird and T’Pel transports over there. But something goes wrong with the transporter signal and the ambassador gets killed, which is a shock.

But as the Enterprise crew investigate this further, with Data using Sherlock Holmes’ methods, they find that T’Pel is not really dead. When they face the Romulans again, there’s a really shocking twist.

T’Pel is actually a Romulan spy called Selok. I’m sure not many people saw that coming when this episode was being shown on TV. Eventually, the Enterprise is forced to retreat to Federation space.

The episode ends with Keiko finally agreeing to marry Chief O’Brien. The wedding proceeds, with Data giving Keiko away. She and O’Brien are married by Picard. Data also dances with Keiko O’Brien.

I have a lot to say about ‘Data’s Day’. This is definitely one of my favourites from ‘TNG’. It’s well-written for Data’s character and Brent Spiner gives one of his best performances in the ‘TNG’ series.

‘Data’s Day’ (TNG) rating – 10/10

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