‘Day of the Dove’ (TOS) (TV)

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This is a ‘Star Trek’ episode that my Dad remembers watching when he was into ‘The Original Series’ on TV during the 1960s. I especially enjoyed ‘Day of the Dove’ as it’s pretty tense throughout this one.

‘Day of the Dove’ has the Enterprise responding to a distress call from a human colony on Beta XII-A. They find the place abandoned until a Klingon ship arrives and Kirk and his away team get captured.

Kirk and his away team find themselves prisoners of the Klingons, led by Commander Kang, who claims they’ve declared an act of war on them. Kang is intent on taking charge of the Enterprise ship.

Very soon, Kirk and his team beam back to the Enterprise with the Klingons, before managing to trap them in the transporter beam. The Klingons get arrested by Kirk’s people and escorted to quarters.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise crew and the Klingons don’t realise that a being of pure energy has followed them aboard the ship. This being causes tension between Enterprise crew and the Klingons.

The energy beam seems to feed on the violent emotions and thoughts of anyone in its presence. It creates a game with Kirk’s people and Klingons to fight this war against each other and with swords.

I found it tense and engaging how Kirk’s people and the Klingons fight each other in this episode, caused by the energy being. It seems to arouse race hatred between the humans and the Klingons.

I was anxious about how Kirk and his people were going to stop themselves and the Klingons fighting each other. They also have the problem of getting rid of the energy being arousing this violent game.

It was great to see the Klingons in this ‘Star Trek’ episode. They seem sweatier and darker-skinned compared to previous outings. They’re still human-like, but they’ve this warrior instinct about them.

Michael Ansara guest stars as Kang, the Klingon Commander in this ‘Star Trek’ episode. Kang would return to the ‘Star Trek’ series again for its spin-offs including ‘Deep Space Nine’ as well as ‘Voyager’.

There’s also Susan Howard guest starring as Mara, Kang’s wife during the episode. It was interesting to see a Klingon woman in this ‘Star Trek’ episode, although they look human-like just as the males.

It was pretty unusual when Chekov lashes out at the Klingons, claiming that they killed his brother Piotr. But Sulu points out to Kirk that Chekov does not have a brother, which is very peculiar indeed.

There’s also Bones who behaves very uncharacteristically and aggressively in front of Kirk and Spock. Bones wants to have the Klingons annihilated, but this is clearly the influence from that alien being.

A tense moment occurs when Scotty comes to the bridge and has it out with Kirk aggressively. He insults Spock and it seemed like Spock was going to attack Scotty before Kirk steps in and stops him.

It was tense when the alien being change manipulate matter and mind, including transforming objects into swords for people to fight with. This happens for the Enterprise crew and the Klingons.

A very unusual moment occurs in this episode where Chekov manages to capture Mara and makes sexual advances on her. I found it a little disturbing, but Chekov wasn’t in a right frame of mind here.

I liked it when ‘Day of the Dove’ ends with Kirk, his people and the Klingons become good natured and laugh at the alien being to go away. It makes it a worthwhile and enjoyably tense episode here.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 2 of both the original and re-mastered DVDs of ‘Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 3’, there is a preview trailer for this episode.

‘Day of the Dove’ (TOS) rating – 9/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Day of the Dove’ (TOS) (TV)

  1. Tim Bradley Post author

    Oh! Okay. I didn’t expect that from you, Simon. I thought you would have liked this ‘Star Trek’ episode, especially with the Klingons in it. What was it about this episode you found lacking then?

    Tim. 🙂



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