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This is regarded as one of the worst ‘DS9’ episodes ever made. But honestly, I found this a fun, enjoyable comedy episode. And it’s well-directed by Avery Brooks, his third directorial for the series.

In the episode, the Bajoran Gratitude Festival is about to take place on DS9. But Jake Sisko isn’t in a good mood. He broke up with Mardah the Dabo girl lately. Jake’s dad does his best to reassure him.

Chief O’Brien is also expecting the return of his wife Keiko and his daughter Molly back to the station after her trip to Bajor. He’s feeling nervous and he doesn’t want Keiko’s two-day return to be wasted.

Odo also checks up on Major Kira who is getting ready to perform the opening ceremony of the festival. By this point, it’s clear that Odo is in love with Kira and is hoping to see more of her on DS9.

Kira, unaware of Odo’s feelings for her, tells him that Vedek Bareil is coming to DS9 to celebrate the festival. Odo is surprised as much as Kira is as he thought Bareil would be celebrating on Bajor itself.

Eventually, Kira and O’Brien meet up with their loved ones at the station airlock. Philip Anglim as Bareil comes to greet Kira first before Rosalind Chao as Keiko turns up with Molly to greet O’Brien. 🙂

Oh rather Keiko is exhausted after having such a terrible trip to DS9 from Bajor. Molly isn’t feeling good either as she happens to be sick. That’s because she had too much ‘candy’ from…Lwaxana Troi!

Yeah! Majel Barrett returns as Deanna Troi’s mother in the episode. She’s come to see Odo after having a thing for him in the Season 1 episode ‘The Forsaken’. It was fun to see her in this episode. 🙂

However, Lwaxana’s presence aboard DS9 may cause more problems than she knows. In the episode, she suffers from strange headaches that come and go. The headaches pass onto other people.

The first to be affected is Jake who ends up professing his love to Major Kira. What?! Then it’s Vedek Bareil who pursues after Jadzia Dax. What?!! Then it’s Jadzia who attempts to seduce Sisko. What?!!!

It was funny to see this happen as it comes from out of nowhere. There’s no reason for Jake, Bariel and Jadzia to lust after the people they seem to go for and yet they do. It’s just pretty insane in this.

The two people who seem to go for each other in close proximity are Major Kira and Dr. Bashir. That’s down to Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig being a couple at the time they made the series. 😀

It was just so funny to see Kira and Bashir unable to break away from their lust for each other. They start in the infirmary and it gradually continues into the boardroom where they’ve been summoned.

It does go pear-shaped when Bareil’s pursuit of Jadzia ends up with him being punched by her with Sisko in the way. Quark also begins to have lustful feelings for Keiko to which O’Brien puts a stop to.

Sisko and Bashir soon realise that it’s Lwaxana who’s causing the problems as she happens to have Zanthi fever. This causes her romantic impulses to be projected to everyone surrounding her on DS9.

Thankfully it’s only temporary and everybody should resume back to normal. I did like the scenes between Odo and Lwaxana in the story. Although those bits where she’s following him are annoying.

But the scene at the end between Odo and Lwaxana where she knows that he has feelings for Major Kira was intriguing to see. She reassures him if he gets tired of waiting, he’ll know where to find her.

The other story going on between Chief O’Brien and Keiko was good. O’Brien isn’t affected by Lwaxana’s fever, though he does get temperament regarding Keiko’s leave on Bajor to be extended.

O’Brien wants to be with Keiko but didn’t say it in the right way he should’ve. After a pep talk with Quark in his bar, O’Brien tries to apologise to Keiko as he’s willing to go to Bajor with her in their life.

Eventually, at Sisko’s dinner in the boardroom, Keiko turns up in her red dress to please O’Brien and tells him not to give in his resignation at Starfleet. They both make up to each other at the tale’s end.

‘Fascination’ is a fun, enjoyable episode in the ‘DS9’ series for me. It was fun to see people lusting after each other because of Lwaxana and that story between O’Brien and Keiko was sweet to watch.

‘Fascination’ (DS9) rating – 8/10

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