‘Firstborn’ (TNG) (TV)

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This ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episode features the return of Brian Bonsall as Alexander Rozhenko, Worf’s son. Alexander has emulated Worf’s hairstyle in ‘TNG’, especially with getting a ponytail in this episode. 😀

In the episode, Worf tries to encourage Alexander to pursue his Klingon heritage as it’ll be time for his Rite of Ascension. But Alexander has no desire to be a Klingon warrior as he runs out of their quarters.

Captain Picard notices Worf’s concern during a briefing meeting when he’s preoccupied. Worf shares his concerns regards Alexander and Picard suggests he exposes his son to more of his Klingon heritage.

Very soon, the Enterprise stops at Maranga IV where Worf takes Alexander to the Kot’baval festival. There, Alexander takes an interest in the Klingon way of life at the festival which seems very promising.

At the festival itself, Worf and Alexander witness a…strange Klingon sing-song re-enactment of a story involving Kahless and a traitor called Molor. Seriously, they use bat’leths in some duel whilst they sing.

Alexander gets caught up in the excitement too as he participates using a bat’leth in one of the duels as well as Worf. Alexander also makes friends on that day before Worf announces they must go home.

But as they go home, the two are suddenly attacked by a trio of Klingon warriors. They are soon rescued by another Klingon who helps to fight off the Klingon trio. This happens to be James Sloyan as K’mtar.

K’mtar happens to be a gin’tak or an adviser to the House of Mogh. He has come to protect Worf. He warns Worf as well as the Enterprise crew that somebody from the House of Duras is trying to kill him.

The dagger used by one of the attackers has the seal of the Duras family as well as the markings of the Duras sisters, Lursa and B’Etor. The Enterprise search for the Duras sisters to find out what’s going on.

Riker get helps from the space station Deep Space Nine where the Duras sisters were last seen. And that did happen by the way. The Duras sisters visited ‘DS9’ in the Season 1 episode called ‘Past Prologue’.

The person who answers the Enterprise’s call on DS9 is…Armin Shimerman as Quark…the Ferengi. Okay, nice to have a ‘DS9’ character guest star in ‘TNG’ again. But this makes me wonder. Why Quark?

I mean, why did Quark answer the call to help Riker find the Duras sisters? Why didn’t Commander Sisko, Major Kira or Odo answer the Enterprise’s call? How come Quark was the one who responded to it?

I suppose it was actor availability that was the reason for Armin Shimerman to guest star in this episode. But in terms of the storytelling, it doesn’t make much sense despite Quark being very helpful.

Anyway, the Enterprise has a lead on finding the Duras sisters in space. Meanwhile, K’mtar helps to train Alexander in the ways of a Klingon warrior with Worf’s approval. But all of this doesn’t go to plan.

Eventually, K’mtar suggest to Worf that he should send Alexander to a Klingon military academy. But Worf is against the idea as the Enterprise has always been his home. Alexander is against the idea too.

Very soon, the Enterprise find the Duras sisters. Barbara March as Lursa and Gwynyth Walsh as B’tor have a Klingon Bird of Prey in space that the Enterprise ship finds, despite their cloaking device being on.

When accusing the Duras sisters of the assassination attempt, it turns out the one of the markings on the dagger found belongs to Lursa’s son. But this is impossible as Lursa has only recently become pregnant.

Worf soon finds K’mtar about to kill a sleeping Alexander in his bed. As Worf stops him, K’mtar reveals to him that he is in reality…Alexander…his son…from the future (Pause) What?! (Pause) I mean…What?!!!

It turns out future Alexander travelled back in time to prevent his father be assassinated at some point in the future by changing his younger self to become a warrior. This…does feel rather cheated for me.

Despite future Alexander’s failed plans, Worf tells him he changed the future by changing him as a father before his younger son. K’mtar soon leaves while Worf reunites with his younger son Alexander.

‘Firstborn’ is…okay. I somehow was a bit disappointed by the reveal that K’mtar was a future version of Alexander in the episode. It didn’t feel effective and we should have seen K’mtar in a time machine.

‘Firstborn’ (TNG) rating – 6/10

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