‘For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky’ (TOS) (TV)

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The longest title in any ‘Star Trek’ episode as far as I know! This is an enjoyable tale about Kirk, Spock and Bones visiting an asteroid which is a spaceship heading on a collision course with a colony world.

This is an episode for Dr. McCoy who gets the chance to fall in love with someone. This is a nice change as it is usually Kirk who gets to be the romantic hero, but this time it’s Bones who get to be it.

It starts with Bones informing Kirk that he has xenopolycythemia, an incurable disease in which he has one year left to live. This was quite shocking as I wondered whether Bones would be cured of it.

But this doesn’t stop Bones from joining Kirk and Spock to beam down to the asteroid spaceship to find out what’s going on. Very soon, Kirk, Spock and Bones find themselves going inside the asteroid.

They get captured by the people of Yonada, led by the High Priestess Natira. Yonada is a religious society of humanoids who worship their Oracle as their god. They don’t know Yonada is a spaceship.

This was interesting to have a society inside an asteroid spaceship and not know that their world and beliefs are all truths made up by the Oracle. I gained inspiration from this episode in my story-telling.

The Oracle is a supposedly a computer that’s become god-like to the people of Yonada. It plants its will into the people of Yonada with pain-devices inside their foreheads which is so disturbing indeed.

When Kirk, Spock and Bones meet the Oracle of Yonada, they instantly get a shock of electrocution after claiming they come in friendship. The Oracle seems to have a bit of bad temper in this episode.

Kate Woodville guest stars as Natira, the High Priestess of Yonada. Natira becomes Bones’ love interest in this tale. It was interesting to see how they meet and Natria becomes attracted to Bones.

There’s a scene where Bones and Natira are together for the first time and Natira asks him to be his mate. This is rather sudden and forward especially for Bones since they’ve only just met in this story.

Eventually however, Bones agrees to marry Natira in order to save his friends’ lives, after Kirk and Spock get into the Oracle room and are punished. This means that Bones decides to stay on Yonada.

Kirk is surprised by this outcome and he orders Bones to return with them to the Enterprise. But Bones refuses as he’s adamant about staying behind. I wondered if Bones was since in his intentions.

But of course, Bones has stayed behind in order to find out more about how to divert the asteroid spaceship off course from the human colony world. This does however put Bones at a cost with this.

Bones tries to contact Kirk aboard the Enterprise with his communicator. But he soon experiences pain when he has the pain-device inside his forehead and this almost kills Bones during the process.

Natira accuses Kirk and Spock when they beam down to save Bones’ life. Kirk tries to persuade Natira to listen to him as he tells her the truth about their world Yonada and that it’s an asteroid spaceship.

Natira doesn’t believe Kirk at first until she goes to the Oracle to question its truth. She gets punished as a result and is on the verge of death, before Bones saves her, removing the pain-device.

This ‘Star Trek’ episode (I can’t say the title) is a wonderful exploration of Bones’ character and it was nice to see him fall in love for a change. The love story between Bones and Natria is so sweet in this.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 2 of both the original and re-mastered DVDs of ‘Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 3’, there is a preview trailer for this episode.

‘For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky’ (TOS) rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched The Sky’ (TOS) (TV)

  1. Timelord 007

    I enjoyed this one especially the scene were Spock goes to help a sick McCoy & it was nice to see Deforest Kelly take centre stage in this adventure..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tim Bradley Post author

    I was chatting to a friend of mine about this ‘Star Trek’ episode yesterday. She said it was one of her favourites as well as ‘The City on the Edge of Forever’. It is a very good one for DeForest Kelley as Bones and it’s nice to see him have a romance in the episode. Tim. 🙂



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