‘Galaxy’s Child’ (TNG) (TV)

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This ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episode features the return of Susan Gibney as Leah Brahms. Leah was a character that Geordi worked with in the holodeck during the Season 3 TV story called ‘Booby Trap’.

This time however, it’s the real Leah Brahms in this episode, not the hologram one. Geordi is thrilled when he hears the news from Picard that Leah Brahms is coming to inspect the Enterprise’s engines.

He’s also nervous since he’s never met the real Leah Brahms before, despite having an idea of knowing what she’s like. Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan advises caution, but he’s sure they’ll be friends.

However, when Leah Brahms comes aboard the Enterprise, she complains to him about the engine moderations he’s made. This is not what Geordi was expecting of her and he gets frustrated about it.

Geordi does his best to try and be friendly to Leah Brahms. He even invites her to dinner so that they can break the ice and get to know each other. But Leah comes across to be formal and cold-hearted.

It turns out however that Leah Brahms is actually married. This is something that Geordi’s unsatisfied about since this was a fact not noted in the holodeck simulation he had with her during ‘Booby Trap’.

I like how this episode addresses a person’s fantasy of someone they admire and perhaps even besot over. I often feel like that in a similar situation when it comes to girls since they’re not what I expect.

Geordi’s attempts to be friendly to Leah are unreceived, since she’s passionate about her work and doesn’t seem to relax or be laid back. It dispels the illusion that Geordi had with the hologram Leah.

Meanwhile, the Enterprise comes across a strange space-faring creature that it is nearly the size of the ship. As they investigate this alien, they soon get attacked by it and take some defensive action.

They fire a low powered phaser burst on the creature, but this in turn kills it. I liked that moment when Picard is dismayed about them killing an alien creature since it is not the Enterprise’s mission.

Thankfully however, Data scans the creature and discovers a smaller creature inside. The Enterprise crew assume that it is the large creature’s baby and it was protecting its unborn when it’d attacked.

The Enterprise crew decide to conduct a Cesarean section where the ship uses its phasers as a scalpel to free the unborn to become a newborn from its dead mother. This they manage to achieve.

As the Enterprise are about to leave, the newborn alien creature follows them. It soon attaches itself to the ship, believing that the Enterprise is its mother. I couldn’t help but smirk when I watched that.

This doesn’t bode well for the Enteprise as the baby alien feeds off its power systems and drains it away. The crew have to find a way to get this baby alien off the ship before losing power completely.

Meanwhile, Leah Brahms learns how Geordi saved the Enterprise in ‘Bobby Trap’ by going to the holodeck to find the simulation with the hologram version of her. Alarmed, Geordi tries to stop her.

I wonder why Geordi didn’t password-protect that program before Leah Brahms found it herself. Wouldn’t it have made sense to do that, considering this had something personal connected to him?

Geordi is too late of course and Leah is outraged, accusing him of invading her privacy. I liked that scene between these two, as Geordi defends himself for trying to be friendly to Leah Brahams here.

Eventually, the Enterprise comes across a nearby debris field where the large mother creature was heading for. This would serve as a better feeding ground for the infant when the Enterprise finds it.

The Enterprise still can’t get rid of the baby creature of the ship, as three more creatures approach from the debris field. This is caused by radio signals being sent out by the baby creature on the ship.

Thankfully, Geordi and Leah work together, putting aside their differences and a devise a solution to ‘sour the milk’ for the baby creature. Geordi and Leah soon make up and become friends in the end.

‘Galaxy’s Child’ is a pretty good ‘TNG’ episode from the series and a good sequel to ‘Booby Trap’. I like how Geordi meets the real Leah Brahms and learns for himself how reality clashes with fantasy.

‘Galaxy’s Child’ (TNG) rating – 8/10

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2 thoughts on “‘Galaxy’s Child’ (TNG) (TV)

    1. Tim Bradley Post author

      Hi Julie.

      It’s been a while since I’ve seen this episode, but that never occurred to me when I watched it. Thanks for sharing that. I’ll be seeing this episode in a different light the next time I see Geordi and Leah Brahms together. 😀

      Tim. 🙂



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