‘Hippocratic Oath’ (DS9) (TV)



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It’s time for another Jem’Hadar episode in the ‘DS9’ series. This is also an episode where Julian Bashir and Miles O’Brien’s friendship gets tested and they get to deal with the ethics of the Jem’Hadar.

Incidentally, this episode is directed by René Auberjonois, who plays Odo in the series. Previously, René Auberjonois directed two ‘DS9’ episodes in Season 3 – ‘Prophet Motive’ and ‘Family Business’.

Those two episodes were Ferengi-focused episodes. Interesting that René is now doing a Jem’Hadar episode which has more tension and less comedy compared to how he did the two Ferengi episodes.

In the episode, Chief O’Brien and Dr. Bashir crash-land on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant when heading back home in their runabout. They get captured by several rogue Jem’Hadar on that planet.

These Jem’Hadar are led by Scott MacDonald as Goran’Agar. Scott MacDonald has been in ‘DS9’ before since he played Tosk the alien in ‘Captive Pursuit’. It was fun to see him as a Jem’Hadar here.

Goran’Agar isn’t like many Jem’Hadar in the episode. For one thing, he isn’t addicted to the drug that keeps the Jem’Hadar loyal to the Founders know as ketracel-white. His drug tube was taken out.

Once he takes Bashir and O’Brien captive, Goran’Agar asks Bashir to help cure his kind of their addiction to ketracel-white. Bashir can’t make any promises but he has five days in order to make it.

It is interesting Goran’Agar doesn’t seem to need the drug whilst the other Jem’Hadar are in need of it. Goran’Agar hopes for his Jem’Hadar group to leave the Dominion as well as escape the Founders.

While Bashir says he will come up with a cure for the Jem’Hadar to not need ketracel-white, he and O’Brien devise a plan to escape. It goes wrong however as O’Brien’s makeshift weapon is discovered.

Yet when Bashir is allowed to keep working on the cure, he notices how Goran’Agar is showing unusual mercy. It seems that Goran’Agar is showing some signs independent thought and character.

Bashir shares this with O’Brien and decides to aid Goran’Agar and his men. O’Brien isn’t convinced the Jem’Hadar can change as he sees them as brutal killers whether they want ketracel-white or not.

Whilst O’Brien isn’t willing to support Bashir in his views, Bashir orders O’Brien to help him develop a cure. This is where the friendship between Bashir and O’Brien is strained concerning the Jem’Hadar.

When O’Brien goes to the runabout to retrieve a piece of equipment for Bashir, he manages to escape his guard and tries to find a way to rescue Bashir. Meanwhile, Bashir has very little success. 😦

He can’t find anything special about the planet that can cure Goran’Agar’s Jem’Hadar of their addiction. As Bashir continues to work, O’Brien finds him. Bashir won’t leave as he still has his work.

In the end, O’Brien sabotages Bashir’s work by blowing it up. They’re caught by Goran’Agar who soon helps them to escape. This causes Goran’Agar to lose the respect and loyalty of his men here. 😦

After escorting them to their runabout, Goran’Agar soon goes to join his troops since he can’t abandon them. Bashir and O’Brien return to their runabout and head back to DS9 on a grim journey.

It was tense between Bashir and O’Brien as they headed back to DS9. O’Brien tries to explain why he sabotaged Bashir’s work in order to save them. Hopefully things will be easier between these two. 😐

Meanwhile, in a side plot, Worf tries to get used to living on DS9. As he’s no longer the Enterprise’s security chief, he struggles not to do Odo’s job instead of being the strategic operations officer here.

He tries to stop Quark dealing with a smuggler and gets frustrated by Odo’s lack of trying to arrest the two. As Worf attempts to arrest Quark and the smuggler, Odo is already on the case before him.

I like that scene at the end of the episode where Worf sees Sisko in his office and he shares how a struggle it is for him to get used to life on DS9. Sisko says that Worf will hopefully get used it in time.

‘Hippocratic Oath’ is a very good ‘DS9’ episode featuring Bashir and O’Brien with the Jem’Hadar. I did like how more is explored with the rogue Jem’Hadar that try to leave the Dominion and yet they fail.

‘Hippocratic Oath’ (DS9) rating – 9/10

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