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‘HOMEFRONT’ (Part 1)

Here we are again with another two-part story in the ‘DS9’ series! In this story, it’s time for a visit to Earth where the Founders of the Dominion come to attack. This is where things become so critical. 😐

In the first episode called ‘Homefront’, Sisko, Odo, Kira, O’Brien and Worf on DS9 watch a recording of an incident taking place at a diplomatic conference in Antwerp on Earth. 27 people got killed there.

As they examine the recording closely, evidence implicates the Changelings were involved. Sisko’s fears have come true. The Dominion has reached Earth. Sisko and Odo go to Earth to stop this terror.

Just to go off on a tangent, it was amusing to see O’Brien and Bashir enjoying a holosuite program where they enjoy the Battle of Britain. I’m sensing O’Brien and Bashir enjoy more time in holosuites.

Odo becomes annoyed by Jadzia Dax moving things around in his quarters and he gets her to fix things back the way they were. Not sure way Jadzia went into his quarters, invading Odo’s privacy. 😐

On Earth, Sisko and Odo meet up with Robert Foxworth as Vice-Admiral Leyton and Susan Gibney as Commander Bentenn. They hope to investigate what seems a pretty new offensive by the Dominion.

It could be the beginning of a war with the Dominion on Earth. Sisko is made the Starfleet’s new head of security on Earth whilst Odo helps out with all he can and what he knows of the Changelings.

Jake also joins his father to Earth where they reunite with Sisko’s father – Brock Peters as Joseph Sisko. Grandfather Sisko is the owner of a gourmet restaurant in New Orleans and is very proud of it.

Brock Peters has been in ‘Star Trek’ before, having played Admiral Cartwright in ‘Star Trek IV’ and ‘Star Trek VI’. It was interesting to see him play a very different role in ‘Star Trek’ as a restaurateur. 🙂

I like how Brock Peters is very cheerful in his performance as Joseph Sisko when he interacts with his son and grandson. Sisko and Jake are concerned about him and his health but he tells them he’s fine.

Jake also reunites with Aron Eisenberg as Nog in the episode. Nog is now a cadet at Starfleet Academy and he even hangs out at Grandfather Sisko’s restaurant, having Ferengi tube-grubs there.

Nog however has difficulty in fitting in at Starfleet Academy and it turns out he’s not the only cadet. He asks Sisko to help him become a member of Red Squad, an elite and selective group of cadets. 😐

Sisko and Leyton try to persuade the President of the United Federation of Planets to introduce new security measures on Earth in order to prepare for a Changeling attack. Even Odo helps out with this.

Odo disguises himself as a Starfleet suitcase in order to prove to the President that Starfleet has every right to be concerned regarding a Changeling attack. The President soon agrees to adhere this.

Not meaning to be prejudiced, but it’s interesting how Earth has a United Federation of Planets President that looks alien and not a human. Herschel Sparber as Jaresh-Inyo certainly isn’t human. 😐

As the Dominion threat looms over, paranoia begins to grow. Odo even suspects that Vice-Admiral Leyton is a Changeling. It soon becomes clear that the Starfleet security measures aren’t working. 😐

There’s even a tense moment between Sisko and his father where he suspects his father maybe a Changeling. This is down to Sisko’s father not being obliging to take a blood test by Starfleet security.

Incidentally, it’s intriguing to see Sisko back in a ‘TNG’ uniform as opposed to a ‘DS9’ uniform. I know he wore one in ‘Emissary’, but I’m curious on why he had to change out of a ‘DS9’ suit into a ‘TNG’ one.

Pretty soon, the power on Earth gets knocked out. Sabotage is believed to be the cause of the power cut-out. Things become serious and Sisko, Leyton and Odo agree that drastic measures are required.

Visiting the President, Sisko, Leyton and Odo try to persuade him to declare a state of emergency on Earth in order to prepare for war. The President isn’t so willing at first but he eventually agrees to it.

The first episode ends with Jake and his grandfather looking outside of their New Orleans restaurant. They see Starfleet security personnel armed and being ready for anything as they patrol the streets…


After what seemed to be a promising start in this two-parter with ‘Homefront’, I felt the second episode ‘Paradise Lost’ was a bit of a letdown. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what the story’s doing.

I was expecting there to be a big battle between Starfleet and the Dominion in the second episode. Instead we have Vice-Admiral Leyton attempting to take control of the Federation by military means.

So yeah! Leyton turns out to be a villain in this episode as opposed to the first episode. I wondered if Leyton was really a Changeling after all, but it seemed Leyton was a human taking advantage of the situation.

In the second episode, with Earth being placed under martial law because of a Dominion threat, Sisko believes there’s more than meets the eye with this situation. Odo may help him in that regard.

Odo picks up some disturbing information regarding the Red Squad’s activities during this crisis. With Odo and Nog’s help, Sisko investigates more. He also interrogates one of the Red Squad cadets.

Eventually, Sisko gathers evidence that Leyton is planning a coup d’état. Sisko and Odo try to persuade President Jaresh-Inyo to hear the information, but he’s hesitant to act without evidence. 😐

This gradually strains Sisko’s relationship with Leyton who finds out he’s turning against him. Leyton persuades Sisko to listen to him and to see his point of view. Sisko is very unwilling to side with him.

Later that night, Sisko is confronted by a Changeling who takes on the guise of Chief O’Brien. It was tense when a Changeling with O’Brien’s face confronted and taunted Sisko when sitting out at night.

Changeling O’Brien tells Sisko there are four Changelings on Earth, mockingly pointing out they’ve caused much panic. Whether Changeling O’Brien told the truth about there being four, I don’t know.

I like that scene between Sisko and his father where they talk about Sisko feeling downhearted. Sisko’s father gives his son some encouraging words. Sisko is encouraged to keep on going against Leyton. 🙂

Sisko later contacts Major Kira on DS9 to uncover the evidence that Leyton is causing the Bajoran wormhole to open randomly in space. The DS9 team, off-screen, soon captured this Starfleet officer.

It happens to be Lt. Arriaga (I wish we could’ve seen him). Arriaga has been ordered by Leyton to create the impression that a cloaked Dominion fleet was en route to Earth to create the coup d’état.

Sisko tries to present the evidence to President Jaresh-Inyo, but Leyton has him framed for being a shape-shifter. It was shocking to see that Sisko was betrayed so cruelly by Leyton in that regard here.

With Sisko imprisoned, Leyton tries to persuade him to see his point of view again. Sisko refuses of course. Thankfully, Odo breaks Sisko out of prison for him to confront Leyton again in his own office.

Meanwhile, the DS9 crew are on en route to Earth aboard the Defiant in the hopes of bringing Lt. Arriaga to justice and confess his involvement in the conspiracy. But they’re soon met by the Lakota.

The Lakota is a starship commanded by Benteen, who gets promoted to captain in this episode. Leyton orders Benteen to stop the Defiant reaching Earth, saying the ship has shape-shifters on it. 😐

Thus a battle in space ensues between the Defiant and the Lakota. I suppose the space battle stuff is good, but it’s all a repetition of Starfleet ships fighting each other due to deceit and misinformation.

Sisko confronts Leyton in his office at phaser point, trying to persuade him to stop what he’s doing. He also persuades Benteen of the Lakota to refuse orders in destroying the Defiant ship and its crew.

The conspiracy soon falls apart and Leyton resigns. This is especially after Odo presents the evidence to President Jaresh-Inyo about Leyton’s duplicity. The state of emergency on Earth is gradually lifted.

I like how the story ends with Sisko, Odo and Jake saying goodbye to Grandfather Sisko before he opens up his restaurant. There is still the issue of the four Changelings on Earth left to be resolved.

‘Homefront’/’Paradise Lost’ has a good opening episode but I felt the second episode was a bit of a letdown. I hoped for a full-on Dominion attack in the second episode. Sadly, that was not to be here.

‘Homefront’/’Paradise Lost’ rating – 7/10

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