‘Invasive Procedures’ (DS9) (TV)



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It’s the fourth TV episode of Season 2 of ‘DS9’ and it’s the first standalone story following the three-part epic beforehand. This time, Jadzia is in trouble as she has her Dax symbiont taken away from her.

In the episode, DS9 gets caught up in a plasma storm. Most of the station is evacuated with a skeleton crew remaining, including Sisko, Kira, Dax, Bashir, Odo and O’Brien. Quark’s also aboard the station. 😐

Yeah! Odo and O’Brien find him in an airlock…mediating like a Buddha (?!) …as he claims to have said goodbye to his brother Rom. But things seem suspicious. Quark placed a homing device in that airlock.

Very soon, a ship arrives claiming to be in distress. DS9 pulls the ship in via a tractor beam. Eventually, the crew becomes overwhelmed by Klingon mercenaries, accompanied by a Trill man and a former prostitute.

Odo gets restrained when he’s forced to be kept inside a container. The rest of the DS9 crew get taken hostage. Quark is taken hostage after he sold out to these invaders for the sake of gaining some profit.

This episode features Tim Russ as T’Kar, the lead Klingon in this takeover. Tim Russ would go on to play Tuvok in ‘Star Trek: Voyager’. It’s amazing to see him play a Klingon compared to playing a Vulcan.

Tim Russ has also been in the ‘TNG’ episode ‘Starship Mine’ and would go on to have a small role in ‘Star Trek: Generations’. He’s clearly a versatile actor who must be a very dedicated ‘Star Trek’ fan/actor.

The main antagonist of the episode is John Glover as Verad, an un-joined Trill. He seems a mild-mannered, nervous man who wants to be ‘joined’ with a Trill symbiont. He chooses the Dax symbiont.

Apparently, Verad was rejected in applying for the joining. Jadzia and the others try to persuade Verad not to take the Dax symbiont from her, but Verad is determined since he wants to be more than he is.

He forces Dr. Bashir to transfer the Dax symbiont into his body, injuring O’Brien in the process. After attending to O’Brien’s wounds, Bashir reluctantly agrees to the procedure even though Jadzia will die.

The transfer goes according to plan, even though Verad wished to be awaken when the Dax symbiont gets put into him. Bashir has one of the Klingons, Steven Rankin as Yeto, assist him to keep Jadzia alive.

It was quite disturbing to see Jadzia without the Dax symbiont in her and feeling empty. Meanwhile, Verad has become more confident with the Dax symbiont inside and with memories of previous hosts.

Sisko tries to get through to Verad since he has the memories of Curzon and Jadzia inside him and they used to be close friends. When Verad refuses to help Jadzia, Sisko rejects him as his friend in this.

Trying a different tack, Sisko gets through to Megan Gallagher as Mareel, who seemed to have a relationship with Vared in his earlier life. Mareel had hopes and plans in the life she’d have with Vared.

But once Verad has the Dax symbiont in her, Mareel realises how much he’s changed. He’s not the man he used to be. She realises the joining may have been a bad idea, but remains pretty loyal to him.

Quark, who seems to be on the verge of getting expelled off the station by the DS9 crew once this is over, gets to redeem himself by pretending to get injured. It takes him away from ops to the infirmary.

Once there, he and Bashir manage to knock Yeto out before they get Odo out of his container. Quark uses his safe-cracking skills to open the container and…I suppose he’s forgiven by all after causing this.

Verad, realising something’s happened to Yeto, decides to head for his ship, taking Kira as a hostage. But Odo has already released the docking clamps for his spaceship, leaving Verad and his lot stranded.

Whilst Kira overpowers Tim Russ’ Klingon, Verad tries to escape to a runabout only to find Sisko there after he’s set free by Mareel. Verad does not believe Sisko will shoot him, but surprisingly…Sisko does.

Thankfully the Dax symbiont isn’t damaged and it’s returned to Jadzia. Verad is alone with himself once again with Mareel beside him. Jadzia remembers all that occured with the symbiont inside Verad.

‘Invasive Procedures’ is an okay sort of episode in ‘DS9’. It’s not a standout favourite but I enjoyed the contained environment with a small group of characters and getting thrilled when Jadzia’s in jeopardy.

‘Invasive Procedures’ (DS9) rating – 7/10

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