‘Journey To Babel’ (TOS) (TV)



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This is the episode where we meet Spock’s father and mother for the first time. I enjoyed this episode since it was interesting to see the family relationships with Spock, his mother and his father.

Mark Lenard guest stars as Ambassador Sarek, Spock’s father. Mark Lenard appeared in ‘Star Trek’ before as he played the Romulan Commander in the episode ‘Balance of Terror’ with the Romulans.

Jane Wyatt guest stars as Amanda, Sarek’s wife and Spock’s mother. Amanda is human and it fulfils Spock’s half-Vulcan, half-human heritage. It was interesting to see Amanda as a character in this tale.

The relationships between Spock and his family are interesting. Amanda shows love for her son Spock whereas there is enmity between Sarek and his son. It’s quite unusual to see with the Vulcans.

Sarek wished Spock to follow in his footsteps in the Vulcan Science Academy. But Spock chose a career in Starfleet, something which Sarek doesn’t approve of, thus why the coldness between both.

I liked the relationship shared between Sarek and Amanda in this episode. There’s no lovey-dovey between the two, but they do form this connection by touching two of their fingers with each other.

In the episode, the Enterprise is escorting a delegation of Federation ambassadors to the planet Babel. But there’s a conspiracy going on, as someone commits murder and tries to destroy the ship.

This episode features the first appearance of two new alien races in ‘Star Trek’. There are the blue-skinned Andorians and the pig-nosed like Tellarites. Both are interesting and different alien species.

John Wheeler guest stars as Gav, the Tellarite Ambassador. Gav is a belligerent individual who presses Sarek to give him an answer about the Coridan system issue. Gav is the first to be murdered.

Reggie Nadler guest stars as Shras, an Andorian Ambassador. The Andorians are an interesting species. They seem peace-loving especially in Shras’ case, but they can also be passionate and fiery.

William O’Connell guest stars as Thelev, another Andorian that attacks Captain Kirk in a corridor. Thelev is a spy and is determined to keep silent in his mission, as an alien ship attacks the Enterprise.

In the episode, Sarek is accused for murdering Gav the Tellarite Ambassador. Sarek soon has a funny turn and is taken to sick bay. It’s revealed that he has a loss of Vulcan blood and needs an operation.

Spock is the only one who can give his blood to Sarek during the operation. But Spock refuses to take part in the operation after Kirk is wounded by Thelev. He takes command of the Enterprise instead.

I found that scene between Spock and his mother Amanda very moving and tense. Amanda pleads with Spock to help his father during the operation. Spock refuses and Amanda slaps him on the face.

Eventually, the worst is over as Kirk takes command of the Enterprise and Spock helps in the operation to save his father. The alien ship gets destroyed and Sarek gets restored thanks to Spock.

I like how the episode ends with Amanda frustrated with Spock and Sarek’s logic before it ends on an amusing note. I also like how Bones gets to have ‘the last word’ between Kirk and Spock in sick bay.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 3 of both of the original and the re-mastered DVDs of ‘Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 2’, there is a preview trailer for this episode.

‘Journey To Babel’ (TOS) rating – 9/10

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