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This is a pretty interesting and enjoyable character-driven episode in the ‘TNG’ series. This episode features Beth Toussaint as Ishara Yar, who is Tasha Yar’s sister. I was so surprised Tasha had a sister.

The episode has the Enterprise respond to a distress call from the Federation freighter called the Arcos. The Arcos took an emergency orbit around the planet Turkana IV, where Tasha Yar was born.

The Enterprise arrives before the Arcos explodes in space. A trail is left behind by the freighter’s escape pod down to the planet. Picard sends Riker and an away team to rescue two crewmembers.

The planet Turkana IV is a rebel planet that lost contact with the Federation. Its government collapsed 15 years beforehand and the Federation was warned to not beam any down to the planet.

It was interesting to see what Tasha’s home planet was like. Turkana IV is not a nice place to live as there are warring factions between colonists. This also includes the rape gangs that Tasha spoke of.

Nevertheless, Picard insists on a rescue attempt. Riker with Data, Worf and Beverly beam down to the planet before they meet up with one of the warring factions, that is led by Don Mirault as Hayne.

There are two warring factions on Turkana IV called the Coalition and the Alliance. Hayne leads the Coalition. He asks the Enterprise to provide weapons in exchange with rescuing the Arcos crewmen.

This is out of the question of course. Eventually Hayne learns about Tasha Yar being one of the Enterprise crewmembers. He offers Ishara Yar, who was Tasha’s sister to assist the Enterprise crew.

I like the links back to Tasha Yar with Ishara making an appearance in this episode. It was intriguing to discover Ishara being Tasha’s sister, as she was never mentioned before to any Enterprise heroes.

Ishara at first seems ashamed of her sister, since she believed she left Turkana IV out of cowardice. But she hears more about Tasha’s time on the Enterprise and how she tragically died in ‘Skin of Evil’.

Ishara is an interesting character and there’s a sense that she could be like her sister. In fact, the Enterprise crew want to believe that Ishara is like Tasha, especially as she considers joining Starfleet.

I liked the scenes Ishara has with Data in this episode. They begin to share a special friendship with each other, especially since Data was close to Tasha during the time they apparently spent together.

Ishara acts as a liaison with the Enterprise crew in order to get the Arcos survivors back from the Alliance’s captivity. It’s a dangerous venture as Ishara demonstrates some heroic qualities about her.

It’s also interesting how sceptical the Enterprise are in trusting Ishara, as they’re uncertain whether she’s really Tasha’s sister. Thankfully a DNA scan confirms it and the Enterprise crew trust her more.

But that trust is jeopardised, as it turns out Ishara isn’t what she seems. Despite claiming to want to leave the colony and apply for Starfleet, Ishara still is loyal to the Coalition and deceives our heroes.

It was an emotional touch when Ishara and Data seem to get on well with each other and she even gives him a kiss on the cheek. But Ishara later betrays Data when she attempts to blow up a reactor.

That scene where Data seems disappointed that Ishara betrayed him was very gut-wrenching to watch. It seems that Ishara would really shoot to kill Data as her phaser was set to full power. Ouch!

Eventually, the away team bring Ishara back to the Enterprise before sending her back to the colony. Data escorts Ishara to the transporter room. She claims that he was closest thing she had to a friend.

I liked those last scenes when Data visits Riker in his quarters and shares his thoughts about trusting Ishara in the episode. It develops Data’s character in how he tries to comprehend human behaviour.

Colm Meaney makes another appearance as Chief O’Brien in the episode. He performs the standard transporter chief duties as usual. I can’t to revisit one of his best ‘TNG’ episodes later on in Season 4.

‘Legacy’ has been an intriguing character development excursion, especially with Tasha Yar’s sister, Ishara. Beth Toussaint delivers a beautiful performance as Ishara and her scenes with Data are great.

‘Legacy’ (TNG) rating – 8/10

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