‘Liaisons’ (TNG) (TV)

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This is a pretty bizarre and unusual episode in Season 7 of the ‘TNG’ series about our Enterprise heroes dealing with diplomacy before some unusual aliens. This isn’t a favourite of mine, but it is entertaining.

The episode begins with Worf having trouble getting dressed for a diplomatic mission. He doesn’t like having to dress up, saying that the formal wear Starfleet uniforms look like dresses. I agree with Worf.

It was funny when Riker said Worf was a sexist in saying that, but told him he looked good in a dress. However, I feel the formal Starfleet uniforms in ‘The Original Series’ are far better than the ‘TNG’ ones.

Anyway, the Enterprise welcomes aboard two Iyaaran ambassadors. They are Paul Eiding as Loquel and Michael Harris as Byleth. The Iyaarans are visiting the Enterprise ship for some cultural exchange.

Whilst the two Iyaaran ambassadors are on the Enterprise, Picard to go to their planet with Eric Pierpoint as Voval, the Iyaaran shuttle pilot. Picard assigns two officers as ‘liaisons’ for these Iyaarans.

Deanna Troi is assigned to be Loquel’s liaison whilst Riker is assigned to be Byleth’s. But Byleth insists for Worf to be his shipboard guide. Worf is very reluctant at first, but soon agrees to be Byleth’s liaison.

Picard eventually departs for the Iyaaran home-world with Voval aboard his shuttle. Picard finds it a struggle to chat with Voval since he seems to be gruff and uncommunicative throughout their journey.

Meanwhile on the way, the Iyaaran shuttle suffers a malfunction and soon crashes down onto an unknown planet. Voval gets concussed whilst Picard remains unhurt. He ventures outside to find help.

But as Picard seeks for help outside the planet’s stormy atmosphere, he gets struck by some strange energy lightning bolts. Picard lies unconscious before he gets silently dragged away by some ‘person’.

After Picard wakes up in a small, dimly-lit cargo cabin, he finds himself approached by a solemn, attractive human-looking woman. This is Barbara Williams as Anna, who’s been alone for a long while.

Seven years in fact. Anna tells Picard that Voval didn’t survive the shuttle crash to the planet. She also tells him she is the sole survivor of a Terellian cargo freighter that crashed onto the planet so long ago.

She seems to be unaware of how time had passed since then. Anna tells Picard that he has three broken ribs and cannot move. Anna has to do certain tasks for him while he is immobilised for a while.

Picard does his best to reassure Anna that they will find a way to get off this alien planet no matter what. Anna begins to develop feelings for Picard, making him uncomfortable she says she ‘loves’ him.

Okay, that’s rather sudden isn’t it? Even Picard tells her it’s too soon for Anna to be in love with him. But as the episode progresses, it may appear that Anna is not this person she appears to be for Picard.

Meanwhile, what’s happening on the Enterprise? Well, Worf wants to kill Byleth, I guess.

WORF: “I am going to kill him with my bare hands!”

Yeah I thought so. 😀 Yeah, Worf’s not handling it very well as Byleth becomes difficult for him to cope with. Worf does his best to be friendly and diplomatic, but Byleth’s constantly antagonistic before him.

With Deanna handling Loquel, it’s a different matter. Loquel seems to be obsessed with eating desserts and drinking sweet drinks. Deanna is intrigued and a little annoyed that Loquel seems obsessed this way.

It is actually funny when Worf and Deanna share their experiences with the Iyaaran ambassadors to Riker in the observation lounge. Riker eventually suggests they should have a ‘friendly’ game of poker.

This is with the Iyarran ambassadors to calm things down. Things are far from friendly though, since Loquel continues to be greedy with little treats and Byleth is stealing chips from Worf during the game.

Worf accuses Byleth for cheating and soon a fight ensures between them. I won’t reveal too much on what happens after this, but it seems the Iyaarans have been studying pleasure, antagonism and love.

‘Liaisons’ is a pretty unusual ‘TNG’ episode with our Enterprise heroes involved in some unusual diplomatic mission with an alien race. It’s not a favourite of mine, but it has been entertaining indeed.

‘Liaisons’ (TNG) rating – 7/10

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