‘Man of the People’ (TNG) (TV)



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This ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episode isn’t really one of my favourites from the series. I enjoyed watching it again for my review and the story’s fine, but I don’t regard it highly and see this as an average effort.

The episode has the Enterprise coming to the aid of a Federation transport ship that’s under attack by two ships. The Enterprise saves the crew and passenger of this ship as Deanna gets to meet them.

The two people the Enterprise has rescued are Chip Lucia as Ramid Ves Alkar, a Lumerian ambassador and his mother Susan French as Sev Maylor. Both these people are not what they seem.

When Deanna meets them in the transporter room, Alkar’s mother outwardly accuses her for finding him attractive. Wow! This has out of nowhere since neither Deanna nor Alkar have met before here.

It transpires that Starfleet wants the Enterprise to transport Alkar to the Rekag/Cironi system to mediate negotiations between two planets. Picard agrees as the Enterprise heads off for the system.

During the episode, Deanna and Alkar quickly become friendships on the journey to the Rekag/Cironi system. This causes more hostility from Maylor who accuses Deanna for wanting to mate with Alkar.

Deanna of course is concerned by these outbursts from Maylor since she doesn’t understand how she can so hostile. She shares this with Riker as he comes in to work with her on some crew reports.

Eventually, Alkar’s mother dies after succumbing to a condition Beverly Crusher can’t identify. Alkar isn’t emotionally mournful as he appears, but requests that Deanna take part in a funeral ceremony.

Deanna agrees as they use ‘funeral stones’ to take part in the ceremony. As Deanna repeats Alkar’s words in the ceremony, she does not see Alkar touch her stone with his as energy comes out from it.

Once this happens, Deanna becomes a changed person. She’s no longer the nice, sweet Counsellor Deanna Troi many of us love in the ‘TNG’ series. She gets so hostile and lustful compared to normal.

Deanna makes sexual advances to Alkar in his quarters but he refuses her. She even attempts to seduce members of the crew. There’s one scene where she seduces this young ensign in a turbolift.

When Riker walks in to meet Deanna in her quarter, the young ensign is there. Wow, that young ensign must be lucky to get the attentions of Deanna Troi. It puts her relationship with Riker at odds.

As well as getting more sexually out-of-character, Deanna starts to age rapidly. She becomes even angrier and jealous, just like Alkar’s mother, when she sees him in company of Stephanie Erb as Liva.

This is when Alkar is in delegation for the negotiations on the planet Cironia. Deanna shows her jealously when she tries to get Alkar’s attention away from Liva in Ten Forward, appearing so sultry.

Riker observes Deanna’s behaviour and takes her back to her quarters. When Deanna sexually advances on Riker in her quarter, she scratches him on the neck with her fingernails and shocks him.

When Deanna’s aged greatly and Alkar refuses her to come to the planet Cironia with him, she attempts to attack him with a knife in the transporter room. She’s stopped by Picard who’s shocked.

Earlier, Beverly Crusher examined Alkar’s mother’s dead body and was concerned by how died. She requested an autopsy from Picard, but was informed it was denied by Alkar as it’d violate a custom.

When Deanna is brought to sick bay and Beverly examines her, she eventually does the autopsy on Alkar’s mother and makes an important discovery. Maylor was not Alkar’s mother as he had claimed.

Picard confronts Alkar about it when he’s conducting negotiations on Cironia. It seems that Alkar has channelled his negative emotions into Deanna for his negotiations, which angers Picard greatly here.

Beverly manages to find a way to save Deanna’s life with Patti Yasautake as Alyssa Ogawa helping her. Can Deanna’s life be saved once Maylor does the same thing to Liva before it becomes too late?

‘Man of the People’ isn’t one of my favourite ‘TNG’ episodes, but it has an intriguing concept and I did enjoy watching it again for this review. I’m happy how the episode was resolved with its solution.

‘Man of the People’ (TNG) rating – 6/10

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