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This ‘DS9’ episode features a special guest star I’ve already met in real-life at conventions! Though I know her more for her ‘Doctor Who’ connections. This episode features Daphne Ashbrook as Melora!

Daphne Ashbrook also played Dr. Grace Holloway in the ‘Doctor Who’ TV movie with Paul McGann. She did this ‘Star Trek: DS9’ episode before doing ‘Doctor Who’. She is a nice, friendly lady in real-life!

In this episode, Daphne plays an Elaysian, an alien woman who comes from a low gravity planet. She has a love story with Dr. Julian Bashir when she comes and visits DS9 to explore the Gamma Quadrant.

It’s good to know that I’ve met both Daphne Ashbrook and Alexander Siddig in real-life at conventions. I’ve had very nice chats with them and have heard them in ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Doctor Who’ in TV and audio.

As I said, Ensign Melora Pazlar of Starfleet comes from a low gravity planet. So, she has a struggle coping with the artificial gravity on DS9 and she needs her quarters to have a weightless environment.

I like the make-up design for Daphne Ashbrook as Melora by make-up designer Michael Westmore. Although clearly alien with her forehead, Melora does seem fairly human and is quite beautiful indeed.

Melora needs to have an external mechanical apparatus on her body to walk about on the station. She also rides around in a wheelchair and does come across as quite argumentative and rude at times.

This comes from her physical condition and she doesn’t want people to treat her as some invalid. She wishes to handle things herself and to become independent, despite Sisko, Dax and Bashir’s concerns.

Bashir meanwhile wins his way to Melora, after studying her background in terms of Elaysian physiology and her Starfleet career. In getting to know each other, they become romantically involved.

I like how Melora allows Bashir into her life by letting him experience the low gravity environment she has in her quarters. He is thrilled by it all and they soon embrace and kiss each other from thereon. 🙂

Melora has conversations with Jadzia Dax in the episode when they’re in a runabout exploring the Gamma Quadrant. She confides in Jadzia regarding how she feels about her relationship with Bashir. 🙂

Bashir eventually comes up with a medical procedure to give Melora the chance to walk without any apparatus or wheelchair she uses. Melora seems quite taken with that. She undergoes the procedure.

But after a while, when some of Bashir’s tests of a new engineering technique work, Melora begins to have second thoughts. She comes to realise that she won’t be able to live on her home world anymore.

She won’t be able to cope in the low-gravity environment of her home world should she walk like Bashir and anyone else does. She will gain her independence but also lose her Elaysian identity forever.

Melora shares this as well with Jadiza when they’re in a runabout in the Gamma Quadrant. I liked it when Jadzia compared Melora’s predicament to the story of ‘The Little Mermaid’. A good comparison.

I’m surprised though Jadzia didn’t mention the Disney film adaptation of ‘The Little Mermaid’…which featured Louie Chef voiced by Odo!!! No really! Louie Chef was voiced by René Auberjonois in that. 😀

When Melora and Dax return to DS9 after a survey in the Gamma Quadrant, they’re forced by Peter Crombie as Kot, an associate of Quark’s, to re-enter the runabout. This is so he can escape the station!

Oh yeah! That subplot’s been going on. Yeah Quark had an old associate of his named Fallit Kot who entered his bar to settle certain ‘debts’. Kot even intends to kill Quark, which does trouble the Ferengi.

After a transaction with another alien, Don Stark as Ashrock, goes wrong, Kot takes Quark hostage as well as Melora and Dax in order to escape DS9 via a runabout. Kot is quite a vicious guy in this episode.

Thankfully Sisko, Bashir and O’Brien rescue Dax, Quark and Melora from Kot and Melora even manages to outwit Kot with low gravity. In the end, Melora decides to not go through Bashir’s special procedure.

I enjoyed ‘Melora’. It’s more character-drama driven featuring Bashir and Melora before an action-packed hostage climax takes place. The highlight was seeing Daphne Ashbrook appear in this episode!

‘Melora’ (DS9) rating – 7/10

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