‘Necessary Evil’ (DS9) (TV)



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This is a ‘DS9’ episode that features flashbacks to the first meeting between Odo and Major Kira. It also presents what the Cardassian occupation of Bajor was like before the Federation came to DS9. 🙂

In the episode, a Bajoran woman, Katherine Moffat as Vaatrick Pallra, hires Quark to retrieve a strongbox from her late husband’s shop on DS9. Quark agrees for profit; but is unaware he’s scammed.

Quark with help from his brother, Max Grodénchik as Rom, breaks into what used to be the late husband’s shop on DS9 to steal the box. Quark’s curiosity gets the better of him and he opens the box.

He and Rom find a list of Bajoran names inside. Whilst Rom is out, a Bajoran assassin, Robert MacKenzie as Trazko, shoots Quark and steals the list from his bar. Rom calls for help when he returns.

Bashir does everything he can to revive Quark, whilst Odo tries to get his brother Rom to tell him what he knows. He even suggests the idea that Rom murdered his brother to get his bar, which Rom denies.

Rom does tell Odo what happened as he takes him to where they broke in at the old shop of Vaatrick Pallra’s late husband. Vaatrick’s name makes Odo remember them days of the Cardassian occupation.

It was interesting to go into a flashback, five years earlier, where Odo was the security chief for the Cardassians on Terok Nor before it became DS9. Things were bleak during that Cardassian occupation.

In the flashback, Odo gets recruited by Marc Alaimo as Gul Dukat to investigate a murder on behalf of the Cardassians. It was so interesting to see Dukat as commander of the space station instead of Sisko.

Odo questions Vaatrick Pallra, the deceased’s widow, who looks very different compared to how she would be later on in the present. Pallra does seem subdued before she became glamorous in later life.

Pallra claims that her husband was having an affair with another Bajoran woman. When she points her out to Odo, it’s revealed that the other woman was…Kira Nerys. Yes! This is how Kira and Odo met.

Odo questions Kira about the murder of Vaatrick and she claims that there was no romance between them. Apparently, Kira had been interviewing for a job at Quark’s at the time of that murder. Is it true?

It was tense to see how Odo and Kira first met. Kira challenges Odo on which side he’s on since he’s working for Gul Dukat at his investigator. Odo denies being on anyone’s side since he’s seeking justice.

I also like how Odo and Quark met in the episode. Quark’s rather cocky whilst Odo’s rather serious. It gets revealed that Kira bribed Quark to provide an alibi. Odo sees through it as he knows Quark’s lying.

Back in the present, Odo manages to get Rom to tell him one of the names he can remember from the stolen list. Rom believes it to be ‘Ches’so’ although he’s not entirely sure. Odo is frustrated about that.

Odo eventually interviews Pallra, who claims ignorance in all this business and the name ‘Ches’so’. I enjoyed that interview scene, especially when Odo’s clearly emulating Columbo in his investigation. 🙂

It was easy to see that when Odo went “Oh, there was one other thing” as well as “Just part of a routine investigation”. René Auberjonois did that very well, echoing the style of Peter Falk’s Columbo.

Eventually Kira identifies ‘Ches’so’ as ‘Ches’sarro’ who recently just got killed. It turns out the list of names are those of Bajorans who collaborated with the Cardassians during the occupation of Bajor. :/

Back in the flashback, Odo confronts Kira about the false alibi Quark gave and she reveals she was committing a terrorist attack on the station. Odo doesn’t turn Kira in as a culprit of the murder though.

Back in the present, an attempt is made by Trazko on Quark’s life. Rom stops it by screaming so loudly. 😀 Trazko gets locked up by Odo as well as Pallra who had transferred huge money into his bank account.

Odo concludes that Pallra didn’t kill her husband all those years ago and that it was Kira who did it. The scene with Odo and Kira where their friendship and trust for each other gets questioned was good.

‘Necessary Evil’ is a good episode featuring the first meetings of Odo and Kira as well as Odo and Quark. It was an intriguing episode showcasing Odo’s character on how he investigates crimes of murder.

‘Necessary Evil’ (DS9) rating – 8/10

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