‘Paradise’ (DS9) (TV)



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I’d forgotten what this episode was about when I came to re-watching it on DVD for this review. And to be honest, it isn’t really one of my favourites. I do know it’s ranked very highly by ‘Star Trek’ fans.

The episode was quite gripping to watch in terms of finding out what’s going on. But it didn’t sit well for me in terms of how Sisko and O’Brien were treated and it does leave the episode a bit open-ended.

The episode has Sisko and O’Brien on a reconnaissance mission to look for uninhabited planets near the Bajoran wormhole. They locate an uncharted planet that happens to have human life signs on it.

Sisko and O’Brien beam down to the planet only to find their electronic devices – their communicators; phasers and tricorders are disabled. They are also told to surrender by two humans.

They hold them by arrow-point. Thankfully the two human men recognise Sisko and O’Brien as being Starfleet officers and drop their weapons. They happily introduce themselves as Joseph and Vinod. 🙂

Steven Vinovich guest stars as Joseph and Michael Buchman Silver guest stars as Vinod. They tell Sisko and O’Brien that they and a group of colonists have been stranded on this planet for ten years.

They are eventually taken to the colony, built out of a crash-landed Federation ship, and they meet Gail Strickland as Alixus, the colony’s leader and Vinod’s mother. Alixus welcomes Sisko and O’Brien.

It almost seems too perfect when the colonists are happy to be living on the uncharted planet they crash-landed on. Sisko reassures everyone that they hope to beam everyone back to their runabout.

Sisko and O’Brien also hope the runabout is still in orbit. But Alixus is proud of what she and her people have achieved. Alixus intends to stay on the planet and hopes Sisko and O’Brien will stay too.

As the episode progresses, Alixus turns out to not be quite a nice person. Although she loves her colonists and the home they’ve made, she lays down the law a lot when people commit some crime.

This includes a young man, Erick Weiss as Stephen, who has been put in a box for a day for stealing a candle. This is really severe punishment for Sisko and O’Brien’s tastes. I do concur with them on that.

She also refuses to let Sisko and O’Brien get medical supplies from a runabout in order to help a colonist named Meg who is dying. Meg is given special herbs on the planet that do not do any good.

Sisko also becomes the subject of being seduced by a woman, Julia Nickson as Cassandra. This was set up by Alixus, which Sisko is thoroughly against. She wants him and O’Brien to stay on the planet.

That’s another thing about Alixus. She quickly makes Sisko and O’Brien become a part of the colony when they are not actually part of their colony. It has Sisko and O’Brien wanting to stay less and less.

Alixus’ hardness comes to fruition when she informs the village that Meg has died before revealing O’Brien was trying to activate technology to reach the runabout. She punishes Sisko because of this.

That’s right. Sisko instead of O’Brien get puts in the box for punishment. I don’t care how Alixus justifies her actions. She’s cruel and a very bad ruler of the colony. Her actions really sicken me here.

She even tries to persuade Sisko to take off his uniform and be part of the colony. But Sisko refuses as he goes back into the box in defiance to Alixus. I don’t blame him. I’d probably do the same thing.

Thankfully O’Brien discovers the truth of what’s going on as he finds a generator buried beneath some sand disabling the technology. He switches it back on after he outsmarted Alixus’ son Vinod. 🙂

O’Brien tells everyone what’s been going on and everyone realises that Alixus has lied to them. She’s still justified in her actions for what she did for her colony and she was so willing to sacrifice her son.

Thankfully Alixus and Vinod are going to go with Sisko and O’Brien whilst the colonists decide to remain behind. Jadzia and Kira rescue Sisko and O’Brien once they beam them; Alixus and Vinod up.

I know people would rate ‘Paradise’ highly, but this isn’t one of my favourites. I’d forgotten what it was about as I came to re-watching it. It probably did not have an impact on me, which makes sense.

‘Paradise’ (DS9) rating – 4/10

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