‘Playing God’ (DS9) (TV)



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‘Playing God’ isn’t really one of the greatest ‘DS9’ episodes I’ve seen. It does showcase more of Jadzia Dax’s character and backstory when she mentors a young Trill male initiate who is going for the joining.

Geoffrey Blake guest stars as Arjin, the young Trill man who come to be mentor by Jadzia on DS9. Arjin is a nervous, mild-mannered man who is uncertain about being trained by Jadzia due to previous hosts.

When he meets Jadzia, she’s far from what he expected. Arjin finds her to be laid-back and free-spirited. Jadzia enjoys playing Ferengi tongo as well as having Klingon cuisine at the Klingon restaurant.

It’s interesting how more of Jadzia’s background gets explored, especially when she was training to be initiated in the Trill joining. It turns out Jadzia had some harsh mentoring from her predecessor Curzon.

Jadzia is determined not to be like Curzon as she wants to give Arjin a fair chance when he’s being mentored by her. But it’s not so easy and she begins to raise concerns about him regarding his motives.

It doesn’t seem like Arjin’s keen to be a Trill host for a symbiont as he merely wants to please his father. He doesn’t seem to have many interests and goals in life. Jadzia shares her concerns with Sisko.

Meanwhile, Chief O’Brien and Major Kira are having problems with an infestation of Cardassian voles aboard the station. The Cardassian voles look very interesting as a species being the equivalent of rats.

It was funny when Quark brought a dead Cardassian vole to O’Brien and Kira and he soon receive a high frequency when O’Brien shone a light on him – accidentally I add. I couldn’t help laugh at that. 😀

Back with Arjin and Dax, he accompanies her in a runabout to explore the wormhole. But an accident occurs when the runabout hits a strange mass of matter in space. They bring it back to the DS9 station.

The mass gets removed by Chief O’Brien and is contained for further study. But it soon goes out of control once a Cardassian vole breaks its containment field and the mass begins to expand further out.

It turns out the mass of matter happens to be a tiny proto universe that’s expanding very quickly. It may pose a danger to the station, but ethical issues are raised when the universe contains signs of life.

Sisko wonders what to do about the situation whilst Kira’s keen to destroy the proto universe to save the station. There is a lovely scene between Sisko and his son Jake whilst he considers every option. 🙂

Apparently, Jake has fallen in love with a Dabo girl who’s a little older than her. Sisko’s not too sure about Jake going out with a Dabo girl. He does keep an open mind about it whilst Jake suggests dinner.

Jadzia has a scene with Arjin where she shares her concerns about him being initiated in the Trill joining. Arjin takes it personally. He thinks Jadzia’s already made a judgement on him, which she hasn’t.

There’s also a nice scene between Arjin and Quark in his bar. Quark gives some Ferengi advice to Arjin on never giving up on his goals. Very soon, Jadzia meets up with Arjin to talk further about his training.

It’s interesting how it’s revealed that Jadzia was very shy before she met Curzon Dax and was training to become a joined Trill. Jadiza’s treatment by Curzon affected her badly but made her become strong.

Jadzia shares these things with Arjin to encourage him to strive for more if he wants to become a joined Tril with a symbiont. Jadzia soon invites him to join her to remove the proto universe from DS9.

In a runabout, Jadiza and Arjin transport the proto universe, keeping it in a containment field, before ferrying it back through the wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant. But the task to drop it off isn’t easy.

Rushing through the wormhole causes the proto-universe to be unstable and nearly break the containment field aboard the runabout. Arjin and Jadzia Dax use their piloting skills to navigate slowly.

Thankfully, they reach out of the wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant where they teleport the proto universe into space. Arjin receives the positive recommendation from Jadzia Dax to be a joined Trill. 🙂

Like I said, ‘Playing God’ isn’t really one of the greatest ‘DS9’ episodes I’ve seen. But I enjoyed how Jadzia trains a young Trill man to become a joined host with a symbiont, revealing intriguing backstory.

‘Playing God’ (DS9) rating – 7/10

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