‘Profit and Loss’ (DS9) (TV)



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I like this ‘DS9’ episode where Quark reunites with a Cardassian woman who happens to be an old flame of his. But can Quark rekindle the old romance they had from seven years ago in this episode?

The episode begins when a damaged Cardassian ship arrives at DS9. The DS9 team tow the ship in and we meet three Cardassians – Professor Natima Lang and her two students Rekelen and Hogue. 🙂

Mary Crosby guest stars as Natima Lang in the episode. She seems to be a pleasant Cardassian woman and dare I say it very attractive in her Cardassian make-up. Cardassian women can be pretty.

Interesting piece of trivia! Mary Crosby happens to be the daughter of Bing Crosby and Denise Crosby’s aunt. Denise Crosby played Tasha Yar in the ‘TNG’ series. Intriguing to see the connections!

It turns out that Quark and Natima were lovers. Quark is overjoyed when he sees her on the promenade aboard DS9. But she slaps Quark, telling him she wants nothing to do with him. Wow! 😀

Quark is still thrilled to see Natima after all these years and tries to impress her. He wants him and Natima to be back together. But Natima isn’t willing especially with the students she has in her care.

It’s revealed that Natima and her students are political rebels who want to reform the oppressive Cardassian military government. There are of course Cardassians not sympathetic to that viewpoint.

Things become difficult when Andrew J. Robinson as Garak and Natima Lang make eye contact with each other at Quark’s bar. Later on, Garak informs the Cardassian government about their presence.

It’s intriguing how this episode showcases more of Garak’s enigma as to why he’s on DS9. He happens to be an exile, but for what reason he’s been exiled isn’t explored at this stage in the series.

Quark suspects that Garak knows something about Natima Lang and her why she and her students are on the run. Garak gives tips of warning to Quark about Natima when they meet in his tailor shop.

Very soon, a Cardassian warship arrives at DS9. Garak meets Sisko in his office to tell him that Cardassian Central Command want Hogue and Rekelen, as they are claimed to be terrorists by them.

Michael Reilly Burke guest stars as Hogue and Heidi Swedberg guest stars as Rekelen, Natima’s students. Michael Reilly Burke has played a few ‘Star Trek’ roles in shows like ‘TNG’ and ‘Enterprise’.

Quark tries to persuade Hogue and Rekelen to have a cloaking device off from him in order to escape so long as Natima stays with him. Natima however is not willing to stay as Quark is expecting.

She tries to threaten Quark by pointing a phaser at him. She accidentally shoots Quark and ends up being apologetic, realising how much he loves her and she declares her love for him too in the scene.

It’s sweet and intriguing to see Armin Shimerman in Ferengi make-up and Mary Crosby in Cardassian make-up kissing each other in a love scene. Make-up supervisor Michael Westmore is proud of that.

Sadly, the love rekindled between Quark and Natima isn’t to last as Odo soon arrests her. Natima, Hogue and Rekelen are in a brig cell as they’re about to handed over to the Cardassian government.

The Bajoran provisional government has decreed this since the Cardassians are willing to exchange Bajoran prisoners for Natima, Hogue and Rekelen. This is something Quark’s not really happy about.

This episode also features Edward Wiley as Gul Toran, a former rival of Garak’s. Toran tells Garak that Central Command is willing to let him return to Cardassia so long as he kills the three prisoners.

Quark meanwhile persuades Odo to release Natima and her students so that he can help them escape DS9. Garak however greets them at their ship. He is about to kill them as well as Quark here.

Quark tries to reason with Garak before Toran appears and is about to kill the three prisoners. The promise to return to Cardassia was a lie. Garak shoots Toran before Natima and her students escape.

The final love scenes where Quark and Natima say goodbye to each other was sweet. I greatly enjoyed this ‘DS9’ episode and it showcases Quark’s character in a new light as well as Garak’s here.

‘Profit and Loss’ (DS9) rating – 8/10

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