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This ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episode features the first TV appearance of the Borg! This is one of my favourite ‘Star Trek’ episodes, as the Borg quickly became my favourite alien villains in the ‘Star Trek’ universe.

This episode also features the third TV appearance of John de Lancie as Q. Q has become a recurring thorn in the Enterprise-D crew’s side. He would show something horrific and shake up the crew a bit.

In ‘Q Who’, Captain Picard gets kidnapped by Q as he takes him aboard a shuttlecraft which is far out in space and away from the Enterprise. He’s returned back to the Enterprise, granting to hear Q out.

Q has a request to make to Captain Picard and his crew. He wants to be a member of the Enterprise. Picard suspects Q’s motives. Q tells them they have a lot to explore in the universe and aren’t ready.

But Picard is resolute and denies Q’s offer. This results in Q’s arrogance when he sends the Enterprise light years across space. They end up in the Delta Quadrant and meet the powerful Borg.

As well as John de Lancie as Q, there’s also Whoopi Goldberg as bartender Guinan. Guinan knows who Q is already and knows the Borg since they’re the ones who destroyed her world and its people.

There’s also Colm Meaney as transporter chief Miles O’Brien in the episode. O’Brien transports Riker, Data and Worf over to the Borg cube ship. He beams them back as the Borg repair themselves.

There’s also Lycia Naff as the enthusiastic Ensign Sonia Gomez. She works with Geordi La Forge in Engineering. Sadly Sonia Gomez only appeared in two ‘TNG’ episodes. I wonder what became of her!

I like this ‘Star Trek’ episode, as it’s an entertaining episode and has a great introduction to the Borg. They are unstoppable and relentless when interested in technology, which was chillingly terrifyingly.

The Borg can also adapt to phaser fire very quickly and are so zombie like when they move and walk about. They’re cyborgs inside ships the size of gigantic cubes which was so terrifying to watch in this.

There are terrifying moments when the Borg invades the Enterprise ship in Engineering. Picard tries to make contact with the Borg drone. The Borg drone ignores him and accesses the ship’s computer.

Worf opens fire with his phaser on full setting and kills the Borg drone instantly. But another Borg drone invades and instead of killing it, Worf seems unable to break through the Borg drone’s shields.

There’s also a moment when the Borg has the Enterprise trapped in a tractor beam and slices through its saucer section. They take out a section of the Enterprise, killing 18 people in the process.

This upsets Picard and the others. Picard pleads Q to tell them that all this is an illusion with the Borg. But Q coldly insists that what they’re facing with the Borg is real and 18 people are now killed.

I enjoyed it when Riker takes with Worf and Data with him on an away mission to the Borg ship. They explore the vastness of the Borg cube and discover drones inside their regeneration chambers.

Riker, Worf and Data also discover the Borg nursery. This was disturbing to see and hint at what would be the nature of the Borg in terms of them being both mechanical and human in appearance.

The sequence where the Enterprise gets chased by the Borg cube was exhilarating to watch. I was on the edge of my seat, as I wondered how Picard and the Enterprise would escape the terrifying Borg.

But Q manages to save the Enterprise ship, when Picard tells him “I need you!” Q sends the ship back to where they were. It’s almost like the Borg encounter never happened. But it’s far from over.

The episode ends with Picard and Guinan in Ten Forward. Picard realises that the Borg know about the existence of the Federation. It means that the Borg will be coming and will soon make an attack.

What could this mean for the future? It will mean that the Federation will face deadly challenges ahead of them when the Borg comes to attack and they have to be more prepared than ever before.

‘Q Who’ is definitely one of my favourite episodes from the ‘TNG’ series and one of the best from Season 2. The Borg instantly became popular ‘Star Trek’ foes and are definitely one of my favourites.

‘Q Who’ (TNG) rating – 9/10

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