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This has got to be one of the most ‘fun’ and one of my favourite ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episodes. ‘Qpid’ features the return of John de Lancie as Q of course, but this also has Jennifer Hetrick return as Vash.

This episode also features our ‘TNG’ characters taking part in a Robin Hood romp created by Q. I like those kinds of stories and it was fun to see Captain Picard dressed up in green tights as Robin Hood.

Vash made her first appearance in ‘Star Trek’ in the ‘TNG’ episode, ‘Captain’s Holiday’. She was Captain Picard’s lover in that episode when he went to Risa for his holiday. I am glad Vash was back.

It was quite a nice surprise for Picard to return to his quarters and find Vash there as she got in ‘by the window’ when she clearly got in by the door. If only it happened to me more once in a while. 😀

Anyway, the episode has the Enterprise participating in an archaeology symposium on the planet called Tagus III. Vash happens to be one of the council members/visiting archaeologists of this event.

Although it’s clear that she’s not as Captain Picard discovers. This episode has these two are loggerheads with each other as well as falling in love at the same time, due to different personalities.

I liked that scene when Picard and Vash have breakfast in the morning, only to be interrupted by Beverly Crusher. There’s tension in the air, especially since Picard had these past feelings for Beverly.

Beverly offers to give Vash a guided tour around the Enterprise ship which then gets taken over by Riker. During the tour, Vash becomes surprised and slightly bitter that Picard told no-one about her.

Vash lets out her surprise and slight anger on Picard when the reception for the delegates takes place. Picard struggles to reveal his feelings to Vash and she believes that he is embarrassed by her.

Later on, after the reception, Picard returns to his ready room where Q is waiting for him. I loved it when Picard told Q to get out of his chair as he was sitting it upon arrival. It makes a funny moment.

Q has returned to pay Picard a debt he owes him. This is something to do with saving him in ‘Déjà Q’ where the Enterprise crew last encountered Q. Picard however refuses to accept Q’s ‘so kind’ offer.

But that doesn’t stop Q when he notices Picard’s love for Vash. He eavesdrops on an argument between them as well as visiting Picard in his quarters when he’s about to go to sleep at ‘night-time’.

Next day, Picard addresses the delegates during the archaeological conference before he and his bridge crew are transported out of the ship by Q. Picard’s crew find themselves in medieval England.

But it’s not just that. Picard finds himself dressed up as Robin Hood whereas his bridge crew are Merry Men. This includes Riker, Data, Worf, Geordi, Beverly and Troi. This is going to be such fun! 😀

I love the line Worf gives when he says, “I protest! I am not a Merry Man!” I also found it very funny when Worf smashes up Geordi’s lute in the episode. He says sorry when he really did it deliberately.

It turns out that this Robin Hood arrangement is set up by Q to test Picard’s love for Vash. Picard needs to save Vash (now Maid Marian) from the evil clutches of Sir Guy of Gisbourne of Nottingham.

Clive Revill guest stars as Sir Guy of Gisbourne, Robin Hood’s enemy. He wants Vash as Maid Marian to marry him. When Vash realises she is to be executed, she makes love to Sir Guy to spare her live.

Q also assumes the role of the Sheriff of Nottingham in this episode. He becomes surprised when Vash becomes so clever and outwits even Picard who attempts to save her life but she betrays him.

Eventually, Vash is caught out by Q and is taken away to be executed with Picard. It was funny when Picard and Vash were arguing with each other on the way to be executed, despite loving each other.

Thankfully, the Enterprise crew as Merry Men turn up in time to save Picard and Vash from being executed. There’s an action packed sequence of sword fights, including between Picard and Sir Guy.

The episode ends with Picard and his Enterprise bridge crew sent back to the ship. But Vash has agreed to accompany Q to explore the galaxy. Picard doubts, but Q assures him he’ll keep Vash safe.

‘Qpid’ is a fun episode. I loved watching it and am very pleased to hold fond memories of it. It has a sexiness and a comedic value to it, which is expected in Q episodes. One day, Vash may soon return. 😀

‘Qpid’ (TNG) rating – 9/10

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