‘Remember Me’ (TNG) (TV)

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This has to be one of the best ‘Star Trek’ episodes from the ‘TNG’ series in Season 4. I’m surprised this one doesn’t get talk about much. It’s arguably one of the best episodes with Dr. Beverly Crusher.

In this episode, the Enterprise docks at Starbase 133 where Beverly reunites with an old friend and mentor, Bill Erwin as Dr. Dalen Quaice. He is on his way back home where the Enterprise is heading.

Later on, Wesley is conducting an experiment involving a static warp bubble in Engineering. Beverly comes to visit him. But something goes wrong with Wesley’s experiment and Beverly has vanished.

The Enterprise leaves the Starbase and Beverly finds that her friend Dr. Quaice has disappeared. What is most astonishing is that no record is made of Dr. Quaice coming aboard the Enterprise ship.

The mystery deepens when Beverly finds that Colm Meaney as Chief O’Brien can’t recall beaming Dr. Quaice aboard the Enterprise. Beverly conducts a medical test on him, but soon realises something.

None of her medical crew are around. Beverly is the only one in Sickbay. It seems that she has always worked alone in Sickbay. This confuses and baffles Beverly as I’m very sure it does for others.

Gradually during the episode, Beverly finds that people are disappearing more one by one. This also includes crewmembers she’s very close to like Worf, Data, Geordi, Riker, Troi, even her son Wesley.

She soon ends up finding Picard alone on the bridge and it turns out that they’re the only crewmembers left. Picard doesn’t find it at all unusual that he and Beverly are the only ones aboard.

I love those scenes between Beverly and Picard where she’s trying to convince him that there was always more crewmembers aboard the Enterprise. It’s not long until Picard vanishes before Beverly.

I got to say, Gates McFadden is wonderful as Beverly Crusher in this episode. She stands out for me in this, as Beverly displays emotions of fear and anxiety when she finds her crewmates are vanishing.

But of course, Beverly isn’t in the real world she thinks she is. She’s actually trapped inside the warp bubble created by her son Wesley during his experiment. This was an extraordinary twist in the tale.

I suppose it would be confusing for many viewers watching this episode. But honestly, I found this concept a nice idea and it makes for good tension and drama. It also felt like an ‘Original Series’ tale.

In the real world, the Enterprise crewmembers have been trying to get Beverly back. They’ve been using vortex windows to get Beverly back, but every time it’s failed as she’s not acknowledged them.

The Enterprise crew soon get a visit from Eric Menyuk as the Traveler. This was the alien character Wesley befriended in ‘Where No One Has Gone Before’ in Season 1. It was amazing to see him again.

The Traveler has come to help Wesley to get her mother by stabilising the warp bubble. The Enterprise returns to the Starbase where it all began and the Traveler guides Wesley in the process.

Meanwhile inside the warp bubble, Beverly tries to figure what’s going on with her situation. She tries to direct the Enterprise to the Traveler’s home world, but it disappears when it no longer exists.

Beverly starts putting two and two together when discovers that the universe in her reality is disappearing. She finds that her universe is shrinking like a bubble and about to crush the Enterprise.

She realises that the bubble is similar to the one in Wesley’s experiment. After working it out, Beverly makes for Engineering to get back to where this all started. Soon the Enterprise gets erased.

Thankfully, Beverly finds a vortex waiting for her and she jumps in to find herself back in the real world. I was pleased that Beverly was saved and she gets to reunite with Picard and her son Wesley.

‘Remember Me’ is definitely one of my favourite episodes from ‘TNG’. I’m so surprised this one isn’t talked about a lot and Gates McFadden gives one of her great performances as Dr. Beverly Crusher.

The tension and drama is pretty high in this one and the concept behind the episode is very intriguing. I also like how the Traveler was brought into the episode to help add to Wesley’s journey.

‘Remember Me’ (TNG) rating – 10/10

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