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This is the second ‘TNG’ episode to be directed by Jonathan Frakes, who plays Riker in the series. The first episode Jonathan Frakes directed was ‘The Offspring’ in Season 3. He’s doing well as a director. 😀

‘Reunion’ is a follow-up to the Season 3 ‘TNG’ episode, ‘Sins of the Father’. It continues the story arc of the Klingon High Council and Worf’s discommendation from the Klingon people from the episode.

This episode also features the return of Suzie Plakson as K’Ehleyr, Worf’s former love interest and the Klingons’ Federation ambassador. K’Ehleyr first appeared in the Season 2 episode, ‘The Emissary’.

K’Ehleyr isn’t alone though. She brings a young Klingon boy who happens to be her and Worf’s son, named Alexander and played by Jon Paul Steuer. Jon Paul Steuer sadly passed away in January 2018.

Worf understandably is surprised to find he has a son which K’Ehleyr never told him about. He’s reluctant to reveal to Alexander that he is his father, as his discommendation would affect his future.

It was nice to see K’Ehleyr return to Worf’s life in this episode. The relationship has changed since Worf received his discommendation, but K’Ehleyr doesn’t disregard him and gets curious about him.

There is a moment when Worf and K’Ehleyr are about to perform a mating ritual, but he’s reluctant to perform it. K’Ehleyr suggests to Worf that if she cannot be Alexander’s father, he can be his friend.

I liked the scenes between Worf and Alexander and how they interact with each other. Alexander shows an interest in Worf’s bat’leth weapon, which makes a first appearance in the ‘TNG’ TV series.

Meanwhile, K’Ehleyr’s visit to the Enterprise is more professional. Apparently someone’s trying to assassinate Klingon Chancellor K’mpec and there is now civil unrest among the Klingon High Council.

Picard goes over to visit K’mpec on the Klingon Vor’cha class battlecruiser that the Enterprise comes across. This is the first time I believe a Klingon Vor’cha class battlecruiser appears in the ‘TNG’ series.

Charles Cooper returns as K’mpec, who gradually dies in the episode. K’mpec knows that he’s being poisoned and he insists that Picard becomes the Arbiter of Sucession in order to identify his assassin.

The two challengers for the Klingon leadership of the council are as follows. There’s Patrick Massett who returns as Duras. Duras has become devious and treacherous than ever following the last time.

There’s also Robert O’Reilly who makes his first appearance as Gowron in the ‘Star Trek’ universe. Gowron is just as fiery and Klingon-blooded as Duras, but he’s preferable as a leadership candidate.

After a ritual to confirm K’mpec’s death, an explosion occurs in the assembly room aboard the Klingon Vor’cha class battlecruiser. A forensic analysis uncovers that a Romulan bomb got used here.

It’s suspected that either Duras or Gowron was involved in conspiracy with the Romulans. It turns out it was one of Duras’ guard who had the bomb inside him, pointing the finger to Duras of course.

K’Ehleyr gets curious about Worf’s discommendation before finding out that Duras’ father framed his father in the Khitomer massacre. She gets a visit from Duras as they confront each other on this.

Worf and Alexander soon discover K’Ehleyr in her quarters, mortally wounded by Duras. She eventually dies after she reveals Duras killed her. Worf is upset and enraged after K’Ehleyr dies away.

Worf soon takes his bat’leth and confronts Duras on his ship. The two fight it out with each other before Worf eventually kills Duras. This happens at the same time Riker and Data see Worf kill Duras.

Gowron becomes the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire in the end. But Worf’s service aboard the Enterprise is in doubt as Picard gives him a stern telling-off. He’s soon pardoned but with a warning.

I like the last scene between Worf and Alexander, as they mourn their loss. Worf places the boy in the care of his adoptive parents, as he reveals to Alexander he is his father. It was a touching scene.

‘Reunion’ is a pretty good Klingon episode about Worf and is strongly character-driven. It’s well-directed by Jonathan Frakes and it was emotionally heart-breaking when Worf lost his former lover.

‘Reunion’ (TNG) rating – 8/10

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