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‘Second Sight’ is considered one of the worst ‘DS9’ episodes ever made and isn’t a favourite of executive producer Ira Steven Behr. Me personally, I found it okay. It’s not great, but it’s hardly awful.

The problem with the episode might be in terms of the delivery of a few actors playing their characters. The plot does seem to be a flimsy towards the end and how it gets resolved. I will endeavour to explain.

The episode has Sisko mourning for the death of his wife Jennifer after four years. It’s the fourth anniversary of the massacre at Wolf 359 shown in ‘TNG’s ‘The Best of Both Worlds’ and ‘DS9’s ‘Emmisary’.

Sisko is unable to sleep at night. Jake can’t sleep either. I liked that scene between Jake and his father where he shared a bad dream to him. They both say they love each other and they’re missing Jennifer.

Eventually, Sisko goes out stargazing on the promenade at night before he meets a woman – Salli Elise Richardson as Fenna. She’s of an unknown alien species with Vulcan-like ears and is instantly beautiful.

Sisko finds herself falling in love with Fenna and has a brief conversation with her when they meet on the promenade. After a short while, Fenna vanishes without a word. Sisko’s surprised by her vanishing.

Next day, Sisko and Dax meet Richard Kiley as Gideon Seyetik, an renowned, egomaniacal terraformer and one of the Federation’s greatest minds. This is where I feel the episode falls apart at this stage. 😦

Now Richard Kiley delivers a fine performance, but his character comes across as too interested in his terraforming work. He’s constantly talking about his achievements with terraforming so many worlds.

That would be fine if Seyetik wasn’t so vain about it. It’d be nice if he showed less buoyancy about his work. He comes across as over confident, especially when he makes a self-sacrifice towards the climax.

Anyway, Sisko seems to like him and is admiring of his works with certain planets he’s created. I think there should’ve been more tension between Sisko and Seyetik regarding his wife, but we’ll get to that.

Sisko eventually meets Fenna again as he gives her a tour of the station. Whilst there’s a spark of romance between them, Fenna is reluctant to tell Sisko anything about her past and soon leaves again.

Wanting to know what’s going on and fearing she may be in trouble, Sisko asks Odo to check up on her. It was funny when Sisko was not able to give any proper information to Odo about who Fenna is.

Meanwhile, Seyetik invites the senior staff of DS9 including Sisko, Dax, Kira, Bashir and O’Brien to his ship for dinner. By the way, Seyetik’s on his way to re-ignite a dying star to support life to other planets.

On his ship, Seyetik introduces his wife to everyone. Seyetik’s wife happens to be Nidell…who looks exactly like Fenna. Sisko is surprised by this as he soon private converses with Nidell about who she is.

Nidell however denies any knowledge of having met Sisko before on DS9. Odo soon reveals to Sisko that he can find no record of anyone meeting Fenna’s description and that no-one’s left Seyetik’s ship.

Later in Sisko’s quarters, he meets up with Fenna who claims to know nothing about Nidell. Sisko and Fenna soon kiss each other before she vanishes into a beam of energy! Well, that’s quite a way to go! 😀

Eventually, Sisko and Dax join Seyetik on his ship the Prometheus as the terraforming mission commences. Whilst on the ship, Sisko is surprised to meet Fenna there. Dax also sees Fenna with Sisko.

After scanning her, Dax determines that Fenna is nothing more than pure energy. They also discover that Nidell, Seyetik’s wife is unconscious and dying. It turns out Fenna is a telepathic projection of her.

I quite like that idea of a subconscious personality of a woman coming into existence when she’s asleep. It would make for emotional character drama if handled in a more emotionally-driven manner.

Seyetik meanwhile sacrifices himself during the terraforming mission in order to relieve Nidell of her unhappiness in marriage to him. Soon, Fenna is gone and Nidell revives without any memory of Fenna.

‘Second Sight’ isn’t a great ‘DS9’ episode, but it’s hardly awful. I liked the premise of Sisko falling in love with a woman who was actually a personality from someone else’s mind. It’s a nice concept that.

‘Second Sight’ (DS9) rating – 7/10

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