‘Shadowplay’ (DS9) (TV)



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This is a very good episode of the ‘DS9’ series. It has a good main plot with Odo and Dax visiting a planet in the Gamma Quadrant and subplots – one with Kira and Vedek Bareil and one with Jake Sisko.

In the episode, Odo and Dax detect an unusual particle field emanating from a planet in the Gamma Quadrant. They visit that planet and the particle field seems to come from a village’s power generator.

They get caught and are questioned by the village’s magistrate, Kenneth Mars as Colyus. After proving they’re no threat to the village, Colyus tells Odo and Dax that 22 people have vanished without a trace.

This seems to have happened in the past few days. Odo and Dax offer to help as they question people who may know something about the disappearances of these people. They’re hoping they’ll find them.

The oldest villager, Kenneth Tobey as Rurigan is unconvinced the missing people will be found. Odo questions Rurigan’s granddaughter, Noley Thornton as Taya, who may help him in finding her mother.

Noley Thornton has been in ‘Star Trek’ before since she was in the ‘TNG’ episode ‘Imaginary Friend’. It was nice to see her in this episode and she does share some very lovely scenes with Odo throughout.

Odo discovers from Taya as well as from others that the villagers never leave their valley. In fact, they’ve never even considered leaving their village to go somewhere else. Odo is surprised by this fact.

Eventually, Taya brings Odo and Dax to the edge of the valley for further investigation. But when Dax is outside the valley, the device she was using from the village vanishes from her hand. Very surprising.

Odo and Dax warn Taya not to go past the edge of the valley before her arm begins to disappear as she reaches them. Thankfully she retrieves her arm back and it tells Odo and Dax all they need to know.

It turns out the village and its people are holograms created by the power generator’s particle field. Apparently, the village’s people are disappearing because the power generator is breaking down here.

Odo and Dax manage to convince the villagers that they need to shut the generator down in order to repair it before it shuts down completely. But once they shut the generator down, the truth’s revealed.

All the villagers and the village vanish as holograms – except for Rurigan. He’s not a hologram. He’s real as Odo and Dax are. He was the one who set up the hologram village and its villagers some years ago.

Rurigan explains to Odo and Dax that it was the Dominion that caused trouble once they came to his planet and destroyed all that he’d loved. He fled to an abandoned planet to recreate what he had lost.

It’s interesting how the Dominion get mentioned again in the ‘DS9’ series. We’ve had them mentioned three times so far. Are we closer to finding out who the Dominion is and what kind of threat they are?

Rurigan seems willing to give up everything he created since he knows none of it was real. But Odo and Dax argue that Taya and the others were real to him and that they deserve their chance to live. 🙂

I like that Odo and Dax are the ones who persuade Rurigan to keep the village and its villagers going once they made repairs to the generator. They don’t ask further questions about the Dominion though.

Eventually, the generator gets repaired and the villager and the villagers, including the missing people, are restored. Dax and Odo soon leave, before Odo demonstrates his shape-shifting abilities to Taya. 🙂

Elsewhere on DS9, Kira tries to catch Quark out during his criminal activities on DS9. This is before she gets distracted by Philip Anglim as Vedek Bareil, who comes aboard DS9 and she falls in love with him.

This is where Kira and Bareil start a relationship together. Jake Sisko is also given the chance to do work experience by his father when he takes engineering lessons by Chief O’Brien to enlist at Starfleet.

However, Jake doesn’t want to join Starfleet as he shares this with Chief O’Brien. Jake soon tells his father that he doesn’t want to join Starfleet and Sisko understands. I like how that subplot played out.

‘Shadowplay’ is a very good ‘DS9’ episode in Season 2. I enjoyed Dax and Odo visiting this planet where there’s this holographic village and its village. The Kira/Bareil and Jake Sisko subplots are good too.

‘Shadowplay’ (DS9) rating – 8/10

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