‘The Ascent’ (DS9) (TV)



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It’s time for a ‘DS9’ episode that explores Odo and Quark’s antagonistic relationship. I enjoyed this episode and it was interesting how Odo and Quark coped together once stranded on an alien planet.

René Auberjonois and Armin Shimmerman deliver great performances in this. In the episode, Odo places Quark under arrest as he escorts him to a grand jury hearing. Quark did something rather bad.

No kidding! 😀 It seems as the episode progresses that Quark is to testify against the criminal Orion Syndicate. Although Odo didn’t reveal what the charges were when he arrested Quark on board DS9.

It was fascinating to see Odo and Quark share a runabout. Quark makes conversation whilst Odo ignores him. Quark also keeps asking what he’s meant to have done wrong but Odo doesn’t answer.

Halfway on the journey though, a bomb gets planted in the runabout by the Syndicate. Odo tries to beam the bomb out into space but it explodes once it’s been transported. A big mistake there, Odo!

Very soon, Odo and Quark are forced to crash-land on a frozen and barley habitable planet. Mind you, I don’t see much ‘frozen’ to be worried about. Some trees look pleasant enough and un-iced. 😀

But it’s clear that Odo and Quark are freezing terribly when they have to walk outside on the planet. Even Odo, who has become a ‘solid’ instead of a Changeling has to cope with the freezing conditions.

They find that their communication system is damaged and they have little food. They have to settle on one set of rations each. They also have to either starve to death or freeze to death on the planet.

Quark soon suggests that they haul the subspace transmitter up onto a nearby mountain where the atmosphere may be thin enough to send a signal for help. The problem is the transmitter is heavy. 😐

They have to share one set of cold-weather gear between them whilst lugging the bulky transmitter all the way up to the mountain. And as usual, Odo and Quark are constantly bickering to each other.

As the journey progresses, they come to realise that what may look like a hike for a few hours happens to be a hike for several days. I can feel their frustration when having to cope with the odds.

Their arguing and bickering with each other escalates when they finally begin to climb the mountain. It soon leads into a shoving match between them as Odo and Quark express hatred for each other. 😐

What’s fascinating is that by the end of the episode, Odo and Quark don’t regret their words about their hatred to each other. They meant every word of what they said. And they’re okay with that. 😀

It’s a fascinating love/hate relationship between the two. I like how Odo and Quark continue to look out for each other despite not liking each other at all when placed in a pretty dangerous situation. 🙂

The shoving match ends up with Odo breaking his leg in a fall. Very soon, Odo drags Odo up the mountain. It was amusing once Quark said he’s considering Odo as a resource for food consumption.

This episode could’ve easily ended up being like the 1993 film ‘Alive’, couldn’t it? Eventually, it proves much for Quark as he leaves Odo behind in order to set up that transmitter on the mountain.

Thankfully, Odo and Quark are saved and get beamed to the Defiant once their distress signal has been received. I liked how Odo and Quark laughed together when in sick beds on board the Defiant.

In another subplot, Jake reunites with Aron Eisenberg as Nog who returns to DS9 from Starfleet Academy for his field study. The two become roommates, but they get into conflict with each other.

Apparently, Nog has acquired a strictly disciplined lifestyle as a cadet which contrasts differently to Jake’s more relaxed attitude to life, cleanliness and exercise. The two argue and fall with each other.

I like how Max Grodénchik as Rom meets up with Sisko at the replimat and the two discuss about how to get their sons back together and become friends. Thankfully, Jake and Nog soon reconcile. 😀

Overall, ‘The Ascent’ has been an enjoyable ‘DS9’ episode featuring Odo and Quark together as well as featuring Jake and Nog. I like how the love/hate relationship between Odo and Quark is explored.

‘The Ascent’ (DS9) rating – 8/10

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