‘The Enemy’ (TNG) (TV)



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In this ‘Star Trek: TNG’ episode, Geordi gets left behind on a dangerous planet full of storms and bad radiation. Also, Worf is given a hard choice in donating his blood to a dying Romulan within sick-bay.

The episode is set on the planet Galorndon Core. The Enterprise responds to a Romulan distress signal. This is so odd, as the Romulans aren’t supposed to be on this planet outside the Neutral Zone.

On the planet, Riker leads his away team of Worf and Geordi to investigate. Worf finds a Romulan survivor who seems near to death. The Romulan attempts to strangle Worf before he’s knocked out.

Meanwhile, Geordi ends up falling into a hidden hole on the planet. He gets left behind when Riker and Worf are forced to life, since the transport window within the storm they came through closes.

I like how this episode is filled with two tense-driven plots involving the Romulans. Geordi copes with surviving on Galorndon Core, but his visor to help him see starts to malfunction on the planet.

Geordi also comes across another Romulan survivor on the planet. This happens to be John Snyder as Bochra. Bochra takes Geordi as his prisoner, but he’s suffering with the radiation from the planet.

Before Geordi was captured, Wesley Crusher sent a probe from the Enterprise with a beacon attached to it. This is for Geordi to track with his visor in order to be returned back to the Enterprise.

Geordi persuades Bochra that they should work together in order to find his beacon and return to the Enterprise to escape this planet. But very soon, Geordi loses his sight and is blind on the planet.

Fortunately though, Geordi and Bochra come up with a plan to merge Geordi’s visor and tricorder to find the beacon. Bochra decides to be Geordi’s eyes in order to put the visor and tricorder together.

This episode demonstrates how a human and a Romulan work together, which is something that’s rarely done in ‘Star Trek’ up to this point. It’s interesting how Geordi and Borchra interact in the tale.

Beforehand, there is distrust between Geordi and Bochra, especially Bochra states his Romulan superiority over Geordi. I like that scene when Geordi reveals his blindness with the visor to Bochra.

Bochra is curious as he wonders how Geordi’s parents allowed him to live despite his blindness. Geordi berates him with asking ‘what kind of a question is that’ and Bochra expresses his superiority.

This episode also explores Worf’s character in an interesting way. Apparently Worf is the only one who can save the dying Romulan survivor’s life. Worf refuses, as he has a grudge against Romulans.

I enjoyed those scenes that Worf has with Beverly, Riker and Picard when he struggles to make the choice of saving the Romulan’s life or not. Worf even has a scene with the Romulan dying in sick-bay.

Apparently, the Romulan survivor doesn’t want to have Worf’s ‘Klingon filth’ to save him when he comes to see him in sick-bay. So by all accounts, it was the Romulan survivor who didn’t want to live.

In the end however, the Romulan dies as Worf maintains his refusal to save him. This was interesting to see in Worf’s character, especially since this connects to how his parents were killed by Romulans.

But it doesn’t bode well in negotiations with the Romulans, as Picard talks to Andreas Katsulas as Commander Tomalak on the view screen. I enjoyed the scenes between Picard and Tomalak in this.

Picard is strong as the negotiator, as he expresses his assertiveness and distrust in Tomalak’s claims that it was a Romulan one-man ship on Galorndon Core. Those scenes were so mesmerising indeed.

I also liked it when Picard tries to communicate with Tomalak by telling him that they must put their differences aside. This is especially when the Enterprise beams Geordi and Bochra from the planet.

Colm Meaney guest stars as Chief O’Brien in the episode. His scenes involve him attempting to beam Geordi back from Galorndon Core in the early part of the episode. He doesn’t have success with this.

‘The Enemy’ is a well-written, tense-driven episode. It was interesting to see Geordi with a Romulan on a hostile planet. I also liked how Worf is challenged in the choice he makes with a dying Romulan.

‘The Enemy’ (TNG) rating – 8/10

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