‘The Mind’s Eye’ (TNG) (TV)

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This is a ‘Star Trek’ episode where Geordi La Forge undergoes brainwashing by the Romulans. He becomes their unwilling tool to disrupt the alliance between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.

This episode is also notable for being the directorial debut of supervising producer David Livingston. If actor Jonathan Frakes can direct a ‘Star Trek’ episode, then surely a supervising producer can do it.

In the episode, Geordi is on his way for a holiday trip to the planet Risa. That’s become quite a popular holiday planet lately. 🙂 He’s then captured by the Romulans who’ve ‘gone to a lot of trouble’.

He’s brought aboard the Romulan Warbird that’s captured him and is put in a chair with a machine that taps into his visual cortex. The Romulans remove Geordi’s visor and conduct some experiments.

Whilst that’s going on, a duplicate version of Geordi is sent by the Romulans to enjoy a holiday on Risa in place of the real one. Now I have to ask, how did they get a duplicate version of Geordi here?

Could it be from some previous encounter the Romulans had with Geordi? Actually come to think of it, the Romulan that he’d encountered in ‘The Enemy’ could’ve told his friends about Geordi’s visor.

Anyway, the Romulans tap into Geordi’s visual cortex via his visor sensors to gain a limited form of mind control over him. Geordi goes through some excruciating mind probing experiments from this.

Geordi is also put through some simulations where he is conditioned by the Romulans to do as they say through his visor. He even shoots a holographic version of Colm Meaney as Chief O’Brien in this.

I got to say, I found it amusing when Geordi shot Chief O’Brien with a phaser and after that he asks the other two crewmembers, “May I join you?” The two crewmembers seem to be okay with that.

After these experiments are over, Geordi is sent back to the Enterprise with his memory of his capture wiped from his memory. He’s given vivid memories of going to Risa when he returns home.

I did wonder what happened to that duplicate version of Geordi when he was sent to Risa. Of course the duplicate’s memories of Risa would have been given to the ‘real’ Geordi whilst he was captured.

By the way, this episode features an un-credited appearance of Denise Crosby hidden in the shadows in this episode. She played Tasha Yar in ‘TNG’, but she’s not playing Tasha here in this story.

Meanwhile on the Enterprise, the crew are working with Larry Dobkin as Klingon Ambassador Kell. There have been some rebel attacks on the Krios colony. It’s suspected the Federation are involved.

Picard and Riker soon meet Edward Wiley as Vagh, the governor of the Krios colony, to discover that Federation weapons have been issued to rebels. The Enterprise crew seeks to solve this conspiracy.

Whilst that’s going on, Data has discovered strange E-band radiations emitted nearby. He can’t trace the source and he continues with his investigation of the E-band radiation emissions during the tale.

Data and Geordi also discover that the Federation weapons found by the Klingons were replicated by the Romulans. It’s intriguing how Geordi continues to be himself whilst under the Romulans’ control.

An example of Geordi being unaware of his Romulan control is when he unknowingly transports a case of Federation weapons from the Enterprise to the rebel base. Governor Vagh is outraged by it.

It also seems that Ambassador Kell is also in league with the Romulans and control Geordi nearby. Why the Klingon Ambassador is working with the Romulans is never fully explained for this episode.

Eventually, Data discovers the E-band radiation emissions are connected to Geordi’s visor and that his shuttle-craft was captured by the Romulans. He discovers this in time before Geordi shoots Vagh.

The episode ends on an open-ended note when Geordi seems convinced that he went to Risa whilst with Counsellor Troi. But after a while, he doesn’t seem sure and Deanna helps Geordi’s uncertainty.

‘The Mind’s Eye’ is a pretty good, tense, thriller episode where Geordi unwillingly and unknowingly gets brainwashed by the Romulans. It’s mind-boggling. The camera angles are good by the director.

‘The Mind’s Eye’ (TNG) rating – 8/10

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