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‘The Omega Glory’ is an interesting ‘Star Trek’ episode from Season 2 of ‘The Original Series’. In this episode, Kirk, Spock and Bones visit a planet called Omega IV and they try to stop a Starfleet captain.

This episode has some similarities to ‘Patterns of Force’ where someone interferes with another culture on an alien planet. This time though, there are strong similarities to factions in the Cold War.

The Enterprise arrives to discover the starship Exeter in orbit of Omega IV. Kirk, Spock and Bones with security officer Lt. Galloway beam over to investigate and find all the crew dissolved to crystals.

Believing that the crew were infected by some terrible disease, Kirk and the others beam down to Omega IV to find out what’s going on. They find Captain Ronald Tracey who has managed to survive.

Morgan Woodward guest stars as Captain Ronald Tracey in this episode. Woodward has been in ‘Star Trek’ before since he guest starred as Dr. Simon van Gelder in the episode ‘Dagger of the Mind’.

Tracey is someone who has completely lost it and has interfered with the planet’s culture on Omega IV. He has violent tendencies as he kills Lt. Galloway and fights Captain Kirk on occasions during this.

Kirk, Spock and Bones are unhappy with what Tracey has done, as society has now been divided into the Kohms and the savage-like Yangs. There is now civil war with the Kohms and Yangs on the planet

Interestingly, the Kohms look pretty Asian-like for an alien race. The Kohms are supposed to be a future representation of the Communists which was a very strong influence during the Soviet Union.

The Yangs seem savage-like and aggressive, since that’s how Kirk and the others encounter them. Two Yangs including a man and a woman are about to be executed when they are visiting Omega IV.

The two Yangs include Roy Jenson as Cloud William and Irence Kelly as Sirah. Cloud William is the male Yang, who gets into a fight with Kirk in their prison cell. He seems to know the word ‘freedom’.

Sirah is the female Yang, who is actually rather pretty and attractive for a savage. She gets a Vulcan nerve-pinch by Spock in the episode as well as receiving a telepathic suggestion by him to help Kirk.

The Yangs are supposed to be a future representation of the Yankees in this episode. This becomes very clear when Kirk, Spock, Bones and Tracey see the Yangs bear the United States’ flag with them.

There is a clear mention of the Prime Directive in this episode. This is something that Starfleet strongly abides by and would be introduced in the future spin-offs like ‘The Next Generation’ series.

It was interesting when it turns out Kirk, Spock and Bones aren’t infected with the disease at all and that they can go back to the Enterprise ship. But Tracey puts a stop to them leaving as he goes crazy.

Tracey tries to arouse distrust between Kirk and the Yangs when witnessing the American flag and speaking the American words. This leads into this combat between Kirk and Tracey as good and evil.

Kirk in the end manages to win the fight but doesn’t kill Tracey. He then guides the Yangs on the right path with obeying the ‘holy words’ and accepting the Kohms in their community on Omega IV.

‘The Omega Glory’ is not a favourite episode of mine. But I don’t dislike it either. It’s a very interesting and enjoyable ‘Star Trek’ episode to watch, but I wouldn’t watch it again as I do with other episodes.

The DVD special features for this episode are as follows. On Disc 6 of the original DVD and Disc 7 of the re-mastered DVD of ‘Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 2’, there is a preview trailer for this episode.

‘The Omega Glory’ (TOS) rating – 7/10

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  1. Tim Bradley Post author

    Thanks for sharing your comments on this episode, Simon. It has an interesting story going on, but I didn’t find it exciting as others. I’m glad you enjoyed this one though. Tim. 🙂



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