‘The Pegasus’ (TNG) (TV)

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This has been an interesting episode focusing on Riker’s character. A blast from his past comes back to haunt him. This may risk his career in Starfleet. Will Riker reveal the truth to Picard and not fall foul?

This episode was directed by LeVar Burton who played Geordi in ‘TNG’. This was LeVar’s second and final contribution to ‘TNG’ as a director. He would go on to direct more episodes in other ‘Trek’ shows.

I like how the episode begins with Picard having to oversee the entries to a children’s competition called ‘Captain Picard Day’. Seriously, that’s a thing. I found it funny when Picard’s annoyed by all this.

Yet Deanna Troi insists that ‘Captain Picard Day’ is a very special day for the children aboard the Enterprise and they look forward to it every year. Really? Is ‘Captain Picard Day’ a big special kids’ day?

I found it funny when Riker, amused, plays with a Picard doll made by a kid and imitates his voice. Picard is annoyed. I found it funny when Riker almost took the doll but Deanna tells him to put it back.

Picard then receives a priority one communication from Nancy Vawter as Admiral Blackwell. I found it funny when she notices the ‘Captain Picard Day’ banner behind him once the conversation is finished.

Anyway, the Enterprise is ordered to collect a member of Starfleet Intelligence for a special mission. This happens to be Terry O’Quinn as Admiral Erik Pressman. He was once Riker’s commanding officer.

Riker used to serve Pressman when he was former captain of the starship Pegasus. Riker was a helmsman aboard that ship. In fact, the reason why Pressman has come is because of the Pegasus ship.

It turns out that the Pegasus has been found after all this time since it was presumed lost and destroyed in space. Intelligence reveals that the Pegasus ship has been found within the Devolin system.

The Devolin system is near the Romulan Neutral Zone. Pressman orders the Enterprise to go and recover what’s left of the Pegasus ship or else to destroy it and prevent it falling into the enemy’s hands.

It’s clear that Riker is uncomfortable with seeing Pressman again and having to look for the Pegasus again. This connects to something that happened during the Pegasus’ last mission that went badly wrong.

Riker tries to talk to Pressman in private about the Pegasus’ last mission and what his former captain’s intentions are on finding the ship again. But Pressman instructs Riker to stay quiet during the mission.

This makes things hard for Riker since he can’t reveal to Picard in full detail about what’s going on and what happened during the Pegasus’ last mission. It puts his Starfleet career in jeopardy because of it.

Anyway, the Enterprise makes it into the Devolin system before coming across a Romulan Warbird, commanded by Michael Mack as Commander Sirol. It’s clear the Romulans are looking for the Pegasus too.

A tense situation is created when Picard and Sirol acknowledge each other’s presence. They make out the two are doing surveillance work and both the Enterprise and Romulan Warbird survey separately.

The Enterprise finds the Pegasus ship buried inside an asteroid, but the crew don’t want the Romulans knowing on what they’re doing. The ship veers away from the asteroid in order to get rid of the Romulans.

Later, Picard sees Riker privately in his quarters about the Pegasus. It turns out there was a mutiny before the ship’s assumed destruction. Riker shares his version of events and him defending Pressman.

Picard however is unsatisfied with Riker’s story and demands answers on why a further investigation into this incident was never made. Riker tells Picard he is ordered by Pressman not to reveal anything.

Picard acknowledges Riker’s predicament and decides to trust that he won’t let Pressman put the Enterprise in jeopardy. Otherwise if that mistrust is misplaced, Picard must reconsider Riker’s position.

Eventually the Enterprise get into the asteroid and find the Pegasus sort of intact among rocks. Pressman and Riker beam over to the Pegasus and recover this experimental device from the starship.

It turns out to be a prototype for a Federation cloaking device which is a violation of the Treaty of Algeron. Will Riker choose between Picard and Pressman and make a decision in order to tell the truth?

‘The Pegasus’ is a great dramatic episode for Riker’s character that explores some of his past that haunts him. I like how things are resolved and how Picard’s trust in Riker isn’t misplaced by the climax.

‘The Pegasus’ (TNG) rating – 8/10

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