‘Thine Own Self’ (TNG) (TV)

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This is a pretty decent episode in the ‘Star Trek: TNG’ series. I wouldn’t call it a great episode in the series, but after watching it on DVD recently for this review, I found myself compelled with the plot.

In the episode, Data is sent to the planet Barkon IV where its inhabitants are a pre-Industrial society. I wondered what these inhabitants were supposed to resemble in terms of their clothes and culture.

It turns out that they are of Renaissance Earth which is interesting. Data is sent to recover the radioactive remains of a deep space probe that had crashed on the planet. But something happens.

Data gets injured during the recovering of the space probes’ remains and has his memory wiped. He no longer knows who he is and what his mission was. He soon walks into a village and carries a case.

This is the first time Data makes his appearance in the episode, as he’s disheveled and amnesiac. His Starfleet uniform’s tattered and he’s carrying the radioactive materials inside the case in the village.

As Data walks into the village, he meets Michael Rothhaar as Garvin, the village magistrate and his daughter Kimberly Cullum as Gia. Garvin and Gia help Data when he is worse for wear and forgetful.

They take him to Ronnie Claire Edwards as Talur, the local healer. Talur makes the deduction that Data is an ‘ice-man’ and that he came from the mountains. It’s due to Data having strange pale skin.

Gia also gives Data a name since he can’t remember it – Jayden. Data seems willing to take that name, despite not knowing who he is. Garvin also discovers the probe’s fragments in Data’s suitcase.

The suitcase has the word ‘radioactive’ on it. My Mum and I were anxious when Garvin opened the suitcase and picked up the pieces of radioactive metal. It’s instantaneous as Garvin touched the metals.

But as the episode progresses, Garvin becomes ill from touching the metals unaware of their hazard. He also sells the radioactive metals to someone to make a profit. It becomes a disastrous endeavour.

Soon, the village folk begin to wear the metal fragments as jewellery and they succumb to radiation poisoning. Talur is unfamiliar with the symptoms, so Data as Jayden investigates this illness himself.

Data uses scientific methods and connects the metal fragments being the cause of the radiation sickness. Data has Talur help him get the metal fragments back from the villagers that bought them.

But the villagers start attacking Data, as they believe him to be the cause of the illness. One of the villagers scrapes one side of Data’s fact to reveal his mechanical innards which becomes a big shock.

Gia soon sees Data as he is with his scrapped face and she becomes alarmed. But she sees that Data is trying to help the village. He prepares an antidote for the poisoning and gives it to Garvin and Gia.

Data soon puts the rest of the antidote into the village’s water well. This is before the villagers come to attack and Data gets stabbed in the back by a spear. At this, the villagers assume that Data’s dead.

Meanwhile, aboard the Enterprise, Deanna Troi wants to become a bridge officer. She gets tested by Riker and passes all the exams except one. It is a holodeck simulation to test her command abilities.

Deanna fails this holodeck simulation test several times and Riker even considers terminating her examination to pass as a bridge officer. This is before he gives a subtle hint on ‘first duty to the ship’.

At this, Deanna realizes what she has to do in order to pass the test and goes through the holodeck simulation test again. She passes the test by Riker and she earns her promotion to be a commander.

Eventually, the Enterprise arrives at Barkon IV and Riker and Beverly, under disguises, enquire about Data. They learn what happened to Data from Gia, but they soon save him, bringing him back home.

By the way, Picard only appears in one scene at the end of the episode. This is because Patrick Stewart had to go off and star in a London stage production of ‘A Christmas Carol’ around that time.

‘Thine Own Self’ is a pretty decent and enjoyable episode in the ‘Star Trek: TNG’ series. It’s not a classic by any means and isn’t an absolute favourite of mine. But I consider this a good one for Data.

‘Thine Own Self’ (TNG) rating – 7/10

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