‘Unimatrix Zero’ (VOY) (TV)

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This is a two-part story, where the first episode is the finale for Season 6 of ‘Voyager’, ending on a cliff-hanger, and the second episode is the season opener for Season 7, and resolves the cliff-hanger.

‘Unimatrix Zero’ is one of the best Borg episodes I’ve ever seen and it allows us to see the Borg in a new light. Seven has lately been experiencing vivid dreams. But it turns out not to be dreams at all.

Seven is in fact experiencing a virtual reality created by the Borg called Unimatrix Zero. It’s a place where Borg drones can go and be their original selves before they became assimilated by the Borg.

It’s a dreamscape that’s like an exotic jungle and is a paradise. But the Borg Queen doesn’t like it and she wants to bring her drones back to reality. So she sends Borg drones to invade this dreamscape.

The Borg drones take people out of Unimatrix Zero, as the Queen intends to destroy it forever and rob the original Borg selves of their individuality. Of course, the original Borg selves protest with this.

The original Borg drones seeking paradise ask Captain Janeway and her crew to help them. The Voyager crew willingly help, as they attempt to find a way to liberate the drones in Unimatrix Zero.

Susanna Thompson returns as the Borg Queen in this two-part story in ‘Voyager’. Susanna is equally remarkable as the Borg Queen as much as Alice Krige is, as she delivers the same seductive quality.

There’s also Mark Deakins as Axum, a former love interest of Seven of Nine. There’s also Jerome Butler as General Korok, a Klingon now converted into a Borg and there’s Joanna Heimbold as Laura.

This is a good two-part story with lots of interesting moments for the Borg. I found that first scene disturbing when the Borg Queen interrogates a Borg drone before disconnecting him from the hive.

I liked Seven’s relationship with Axum when she discovers that they were once a couple. She feels rather uncomfortable about it and Seven gets to look more human than ever inside Unimatrix Zero.

The cliff-hanger for this episode was disturbing when Janeway, Tuvok and B’Elanna get assimilated by the Borg on a Borg cube. They become Borg drones, which is a terrifying way to end the season.

In ‘Part Two’, Janeway, Tuvok and B’Elanna manage to regain their senses as Borg drones. They penetrate the cube’s central plexus by injecting a virus to liberate the Borg drones in Unimatrix Zero.

But soon they’re captured and Janeway gets to meet and confront the Borg Queen residing in her unicomplex (Borg City). Soon the Borg Queen kills off many Borg ships that are infected one by one.

This is for the Borg Queen to win her way with Janeway and make her surrender. It’s a hard choice and a decision for Janeway to make, since it could result in the destruction of Unimatrix Zero itself.

The second episode resolves the cliffhanger and ends this Borg story superbly. I found Susanna Thompson’s Borg Queen really evil and seductive in this, especially when she visits Unimatrix Zero.

Seven also gets to reconcile with Axum who she was involved with, and they both fall in love with each other again. I found it really heart-breaking when Axum and Seven have to sacrifice everything.

It’s a great battle between Voyager and the liberated Borg drone against the Borg collective in this two-part story. The second episode also makes a smashing season opener for ‘Voyager’s last season.

‘Unimatrix Zero’ (VOY) rating – 10/10

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