’30 Minutes After Noon’ (TV)



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There are two plots going on in this episode. This is a pretty exciting ‘Thunderbirds’ episode, featuring mystery and intrigue. There are certain James Bond/spy thriller type elements in this story.

In the first plot, a man called Tom Prescott (voiced by Matt Zimmerman) receives a bracelet from a hitchhiker (voiced by Ray Barrett) on his way to his wedding anniversary. It contains an explosive inside.

Apparently the hitchhiker knows a lot about Prescott. Prescott is told to go to his office and find a certain file containing a key that will unlock the bracelet. He has to leave the bracelet in the building.

The bracelet will explode at 8pm. Thus Prescott is encouraged to hurry as it’s 20 minutes to the hour. Prescott’s dangerous driving does attract the attention of the police officers within the vicinity.

Members of the police force include Garfield (voiced by David Graham), Flanagan (voiced by Ray Barrett) and Jones (voiced by Peter Dyneley). There’s also a policeman (voiced by Matt Zimmerman).

Although he finds the key in the building and removes the bracelet in time, it explodes whilst Prescott is in the elevator going to the ground floor. The lift soon plummets to the lowest basement.

Trapped inside, Prescott finds the lift shaft gradually beginning to fill with water whilst the fire crews tackle the blaze caused by the explosion outside. International Rescue soon gets called on the scene.

Scott is in Thunderbird 1 whilst Virgil and Alan are in Thunderbird 2. I liked it when they used the Dicetylene Cage in the lift shaft in order for Virgil and Alan to rescue Prescott inside his elevator car.

There’s also Sam Saltzman the janitor (voiced by David Graham) and his wife Gladys (who’s unseen on screen) (voiced by Sylvia Anderson). I found their scenes funny as Sam is watching events unfold.

Whilst Prescott’s reputation is on the line after being rescued, it’s reported in the newspaper that Prescott has been declared killed in the fire. IR realise this must be part of an undercover operation.

Thus the second plot of the episode begins where a secret agent called Southern (voiced by Ray Barrett) partakes in a gang attempt to blow up a nuclear depot as part of an undercover operation. 🙂

There are two members of the gang that Southern meets, including Dempsey (voiced by Peter Dyneley) and Kenyon (voiced by David Graham). The trio are instructed by a leader (voiced by David Graham).

Southern, Dempsey and Kenyon are instructed to penetrate the many security doors and disarm the robot guards in order to place explosive bracelets in a plutonium storage facility so it can blow up. 😐

It takes a while for Southern to reveal himself in front of Dempsey and Kenyon. But once he reveals himself, Southern is caught in the clutches of a robot. Dempsey and Kenyon soon leave him to die. 😮

By the way, the security robots slightly look like Braman, Brains’ robot, who would appear prominently in ‘Sun Probe’. I did wonder whether Brains picked up one of these robots to make Braman.

In the clutches of his robot, Southern calls his superiors, using his pen-phone, to inform them of the escapees. His chief suggests calling International Rescue to save him. Pretty soon, IR is on their way.

Scott is in Thunderbird 1 and Virgil is in Thunderbird 2. They rescue Southern by using the Laser Cutter Vehicle to cut through the thick doors. They both reach Southern with only minutes to spare.

As Virgil works to get Southern free from his robot captor, Scott leaves in Thunderbird 1 with the three bracelets that are about to detonate. He drops them in the sea where they explode quickly. 😐

Whilst this happens, Lady Penelope is called to stop the villains who are rendezvousing with their unseen leader at his helijet. Lady Penelope and Parker in FAB 1 manage to shoot the helijet down. 🙂

Penelope soon meets up with Scott and Virgil where Southern is worse for wear. She offers to take Southern back to her manor where he can recover from the injuries inflicted upon him by the robot.

The episode concludes with Southern lamenting that his spy career is over. He’s also oblivious to the fact that Lady Penelope is with International Rescue’s operations and he sees her as a beautiful lady.

’30 Minutes After Noon’ rating – 9/10

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