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This ‘Thunderbirds’ episode is about two young boys from Australia – Bob and Tony. They are fans of International Rescue. I’m sure a lot of boys that watched ‘Thunderbirds’ are a bit like Bob and Tony.

Bob and Tony love to emulate their Thunderbirds heroes, by taking it in turns to play being rescuer and being rescued. It’s something to occupy their time since their father is busy working in his home.

The boys are voiced by two ladies. Bob is voiced by Sylvia Anderson and Tony is voiced by Christine Finn. It’s actually amusing to know that as they did not get actual boys to voice these two characters.

One day, Bob and Tony’s game spirals out of control when IR picks up a false distress call from them. This was transmitted over their walkie-talkies and the two boys accidentally summoned the real IR. 🙂

Scott Tracy in Thunderbird 1 shows up and he gets an explanation from the boys and their father, Mr. Williams (voiced by Ray Barrett) on what has happened. In the end, Scott decides on what to do.

He decides to take the two boys on a trip back to Tracy Island in Thunderbird 1. There to see the IR base as well as understand the consequences of their actions. It’s a nice well-meaning treat indeed.

Bob and Tony have to be blind-folded to prevent seeing where Tracy Island is, but they’re given a tour of the island by members of IR, including Scott, Virgil, Alan and Gordon dressed up in uniforms.

Alan does most of the tour-giving as he gives Bob and Tony a ride in a monorail car to see the sights, including seeing the pod vehicles utilised in Thunderbird 2 as well as see the bay for Thunderbird 3. 🙂

Bob and Tony also have a nice lunch provided by Grandma and Tin-Tin. They leave happy in the knowledge that they’ve seen IR’s headquarters and also promise to keep what they’ve seen secret. 🙂

They also promise not to use their walkie-talkies again and not make accidental distress calls again. Virgil gives the two boys a ride home in Thunderbird 2, though they must be blindfolded in leaving. 🙂

I did find it strange that the Tracy brothers were in uniforms first before they changed out of them again in their civilian clothes. This is before Virgil takes the boys home and he’s back in his uniform. 🙂

The boys’ brush with IR gets reported in the newspapers however. I’m not sure how that happened considering no press were seen in the episode, even though it’s stated the press got wind about this.

But their story in the newspaper reaches the Hood who is keen to cause trouble and steal from the boys’ father’s house when he visits Australia. The boys face genuine peril in meeting IR’s nemesis. 😐

The Hood has the boys trapped in an abandoned and dangerous mine whilst he goes to their house to steal photographs from his father. Bob and Tony try calling International Rescue again for help. 😐

Unfortunately, nobody at International Rescue believes that this time their call for help is the real deal. So, they ignore the call and the boys are left in the old mine where it’s almost about to cave-in.

Fortunately, when Williams calls for help from his superiors and he suggests they get in touch with International Rescue, IR soon believes the boys’ distress call was genuine. They go out to save them.

Scott in Thunderbird 1 and Virgil and Alan in Thunderbird 2 head for Australia. The Hood meanwhile has Williams knocked out and steals the photos after he hypnotised him and burned down the door.

It’s actually funny that Ray Barrett gets to voice an actual Australian character in Williams since he’s an Australian actor himself. Ray voices him and the Hood in the same scene together in the episode.

As the Hood escapes in his jeep, Scott on his hover bike chases after him. After an intense chase, the Hood ends up going over a cliff and falls into the water from a tree. Scott recovers the photographs.

Virgil and Alan also save Bob and Tony from the mine, which is a near thing before a cave-in occurs. Grateful to IR for saving their lives, Bob and Tony offer to show Scott their launch ramp for their TB2.

It goes pear-shaped when Scott goes down the ramp and he’s riding in their TB2 which goes out of control. I found Scott’s line amusing when he says “The things that I do for International Rescue.” 😀

‘Cry Wolf’ rating – 9/10

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