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This is another ‘Thunderbirds’ episode where the Hood causes trouble. I’d like to point out that the ‘Thunderbirds’ team never actually meet the Hood in the series. But there have been close calls to it.

In the episode, Brains and Tin-Tin go on an expedition to find the lost sunken temple below the surface of Lake Anasta, which is located in North Africa. They hope to find the hidden treasure there.

Brains and Tin-Tin are joined by Professor Blakely (voiced by Peter Dyneley) in the episode. Blakely is quite a character and keen on discovering this sunken temple and its hidden treasure in Lake Anasta.

Their expedition however turns into a disaster when the Hood goes to dangerous lengths to stop them and claim the treasure for himself. The Hood does seem very gold-hungry in ‘Thunderbirds’. 😀

I found it frightening when Brains got knocked out by the Hood with his yellow eyes as he invaded the caravan. In the words of Aunt May from ‘Spider-Man’: “Those eyes! Those horrible yellow eyes!”

It was pretty disturbing to see Brains buried up to his neck in the sand. The Hood can be pretty cruel indeed. I’d like to point out that the Hood wears a disguise when he’s hypnotising Brains in the story.

Tin-Tin and the Professor have also been hypnotised by the Hood, though they are left inside the caravan. The Professor has had the worst of it and he’s soon taken to be hospitalised in the episode.

Jeff becomes worried about why Brains and Tin-Tin haven’t reported in the following day. Both he and Scott receive an emergency signal that comes through one of the speakers from Lake Anasta. 😐

I’m puzzled as to how that emergency signal was sent. It can’t have been Brains and Tin-Tin who sent it since they’re unable to. It can’t have been the Hood as he’s surprised by the Thunderbirds’ arrival.

And yes! Scott is sent out to Lake Anasta via Thunderbird 1 in an instant whilst Virgil and Gordon in Thunderbird 2 follow behind. Thankfully they manage to get there in time, saving Brains and Tin-Tin.

By the way, John Tracy is down on Earth instead of Alan. I assume John’s taking a break from Thunderbird 5 whilst Alan takes his place. I wonder how much time John gets to spend on the Earth.

Grandma Tracy also looks scowl-faced in the episode when she doesn’t understand why Tin-Tin wants to find the lost treasure. In fact, she’s been scowl-faced for this episode and ‘Day of Disaster’.

Whilst mostly everyone is safe and recovered for the time-being, Scott informs everyone that Thunderbird 1’s automatic camera detector has detected someone taking photos of TB1 and TB2. 😐

Brains works it out that they’ve walked straight into a trap. Later that night, Brains wakes Tin-Tin to tell her that he’s decided to go down to the lake again and find out where the mysterious stranger is.

Upon returning to the sunken temple, Brains finds more jewels are revealed as well as a cable connected to the Hood’s alarm system on his submarine. The Hood has a blue submarine in this tale.

As Brains follows the trail of the cable, he runs into the Hood who knocks him out again with his yellow eyes. Tin-Tin tells Scott, Virgil and Gordon what happened and they go off to rescue Brains. 😐

Gordon in Thunderbird 4 soon launches into the lake from Pod 4 of Thunderbird 2 in order to locate Brains who still breathes under a destroyed sunken temple, blown up by explosives set by the Hood.

The Hood attacks Thunderbird 4 from his submarine, but he in turn is fired upon by Thunderbird 4 where his submarine’s motors begin to flood. The Hood escapes before his own submarine explodes.

Gordon and Scott use the Hydrostatic Hoist in order to take off the pillar that’s landed upon Brains. It is touch and go as the cable begins to break apart, but thankfully, Gordon gets Brains out of there.

I like how the episode ends with Brains and Tin-Tin visiting Professor Blakely who recovers in hospital. Blakely is about to invite them on another expedition but Brains and Tin-Tin quickly leave. 🙂

‘Desperate Intruder’ is a gripping ‘Thunderbird’ episode focusing on Brains having a potential confrontation with the Hood. Whilst the Hood isn’t exposed to International Rescue, it’s really close.

On Disc 2 of the complete series of ‘Thunderbirds’ on DVD, the SUPER FEATURES include the ‘F.A.B. Fact Files’ on the Thunderbird machines and on FAB 1; a companion featurette looking into ‘The Machines’ of ‘Thunderbirds’; and a ‘Thunderbirds Rom’ feature showing an in-depth image of Thunderbird 2 to access on your PC or a laptop.

‘Desperate Intruder’ rating – 9/10

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