‘End of the Road’ (TV)



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This is another one of my earliest memories of ‘Thunderbirds’ and one of my favourite episodes. In fact, I believe this was the second ‘Thunderbirds’ episode I saw after seeing ‘The Perils of Penelope’.

In the episode, Eddie Houseman (voiced by Ray Barrett), who is a member of a road-construction company, gets himself into trouble when he and his tractor are sent to the edge of a huge mountain.

This is during a heavy rainstorm. Eddie was making a desperate attempt to complete the road-building project in time for a deadline. He did that by blowing up overhanging rocks with explosives.

With Eddie’s truck close to the edge of the mountain where he is trapped inside and unable to move, International Rescue gets called in to rescue Eddie. But International Rescue have their predicament.

You see, apparently Eddie knows the members of International Rescue. This was when he visited Tracy Island on vacation to be reunited with his former flame, Tin-Tin, who was so happy to see him.

It was interesting to see the scenes where Tin-Tin and Eddie are back together after what seems to be a long time. Alan is clearly jealous when he spots Tin-Tin and Eddie being together in the episode.

But Eddie hears the news of his road-construction company facing a problem and he leaves Tracy Island without saying goodbye. Tin-Tin is upset that Eddie had to leave Tracy Island unannounced. 😐

Alan tries to cheer Tin-Tin up and get her attention but he says the wrong things to her. Alan wonders what he’s going to do to rekindle things with Tin-Tin, but Grandma Tracy sorts things out. 🙂

Meanwhile in the Gray & Houseman Road Construction Vehicle, Eddie appeals to his boss Bob Gray (voiced by David Graham) to let him blow up explosives in the mountain and put them back on track.

Bob refuses, implying it’s dangerous. Whilst Bob and everyone else is asleep though, Eddie goes it alone, taking out the company’s explosives truck so he can go to the mountain and plant explosives.

I like the red explosives truck featured in the episode when used by Eddie. Eddie also looks good in a red construction worker’s helmet. 😀 The explosive truck would get reused for the story ‘Sun Probe’.

Though as a different vehicle! We’ll get into that more when we come to the ‘Sun Probe’ episode. The other members of the road construction company include J. B. Lester (voiced by Ray Barrett). 😀

There’s also Cheng (voiced by David Graham) and Chuck Taylor (voiced by Matt Zimmerman). The Gray & Houseman Road Construction Vehicle is also very good creating marked roads from its rear. 🙂

When the International Rescue team are called to help, John Tracy aboard Thunderbird 5 tells his father Jeff that it’s Eddie Houseman who’s to be saved. There’s a debate about whether to save him.

Since Eddie knows who the Tracy family are, their cover is going to be blown if Eddie learns they’re of International Rescue. Despite this, Jeff refuses to turn down the call in order to save Eddie’s life. 🙂

Scott in Thunderbird 1 is soon sent to the danger zone with Virgil and Alan in Thunderbird 2 following behind. Scott in Thunderbird 1 fires high-velocity steel spears to help Eddie’s predicament.

The high-velocity steel spears are meant to stop boulders hitting the explosives tractor with Eddie instead. Virgil and Alan in Thunderbird 2 use the electromagnetic pod grafts to pick the tractor up. 🙂

There is a problem where Thunderbird 2’s vertical jets start tipping Eddie’s explosive tractor over. Thankfully Scott in Thunderbird 1 pilots the nose cone to provide the tractor the additional support.

Eventually, Thunderbird 2 manages to pick up the tractor with the pod grafts. But in carrying it away, the tractor becomes too heavy for the grafts. Thankfully Eddie gets to jump for it out from the truck.

In the end, the tractor slips free from Thunderbird 2’s pod grafts, falls and explodes. With Eddie safe, the Thunderbirds leave, maintaining their secret identity throughout the mission during the episode.

I like how the episode ends with Tin-Tin calling up Alan asking him if he’s alright, after hearing from Grandma that he’d been sick. Alan doesn’t understand but hopes to talk Tin-Tin when back at home.

‘End of the Road’ rating – 9/10

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