‘Move – And You’re Dead’ (TV)



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This is an intense ‘Thunderbirds’ episode where Alan Tracy and his Grandma are in trouble. I found this episode compelling, especially when watching it as a kid on VHS all those years ago in the 1990s.

The episode begins with Alan and Grandma being forced to stand on a bridge. They can’t move since a bomb placed under the bridge and an ultrasonic motion detector puts their lives at risk in the tale.

In a bid to escape, Alan calls International Rescue on his wristwatch. Jeff Tracy sends out Scott in Thunderbird 1 and Virgil and Brains in Thunderbird 2 to rescue Alan and Grandma from the bridge. 🙂

Alan has a hard time standing still on the bridge whilst Grandma is sitting down. Alan should have sat down on the bridge before the two guys who had set off the ultrasonic motion detector drove away.

It isn’t helped when Alan and Grandma have to sit under the savage heat of the sun. Grandma passes out whilst Alan struggles to stay awake and has to concentrate whilst he’s talking to his father.

Jeff gets Alan to tell him the story of how he and Grandma got in this predicament. We then have the story told to us through a series of flashbacks whilst Alan stands on the bridge talking to his dad.

It all began when Alan decided to return to the world of motor racing, using a car designed by Brains. Alan was dropped off by Virgil and Tin-Tin in Thunderbird 2 where he was to race at Parola Sands. 😀

He met up with his engineer pal Kenny Malone (voiced by Ray Barrett). Alan at the race caused a stir, especially with Victor Gomez (voiced by David Graham) and Johnnie Gillespie (voiced by Ray Barrett).

The race is pretty intense when watching it since Alan is on the verge of winning in his red BR2 racing car. Victor Gomez catches up with Alan and attempts to cheat his way through. Alan thankfully wins.

Once Alan won the race, his jealous arrivals Victor Gomez and Johnnie Gillespie tried to steal his car. They tried to kill Alan using the car park’s car stacking system. It ended disastrously wrong for them.

Alan soon met up with his Grandma at her home before taking her off to the rendezvous to return to Tracy Island. Oh yeah, this episode happens to be Grandma’s first appearance in ‘Thunderbirds’. 😐

She’s going to be joining International Rescue, you see. Except in transmission order, Grandma has already been seen on Tracy Island, so there’s a big continuity error going on here with her TV debut.

Of course it might have been she was merely visiting Tracy Island on those previous occasions. But I’m not entirely sure if that’s the case. It’s not clearly established if she had visited the island before.

When Alan and Grandma were in the red racing car on their way to the rendezvous, they were met by Gomez and Gillespie who had guns. They made Alan drive to the unopened bridge of San Miguel.

This is where we return to the beginning of the episode where Alan and Grandma are forced to stand on the bridge’s gantry and not move whilst the ultrasonic motion detector for the bomb is on.

Gomez and Gillespie steal Alan’s racing car, leaving Alan and Grandma to die. This could be an example where Alan’s confidence in motor racing and using Brains’ new tech gets him into trouble. 😦

Once Alan finishes telling his story to his father, he becomes delirious. Scott tries to keep him talking, but Alan struggles to stay focused. Tin-Tin tearfully begs Alan to hold on till Thunderbird 2 arrives. 😐

Thankfully Thunderbird 2 shows up. Brains neutralises the ultrasonic motion detector when using the Neutralizer Tractor from a distance. Virgil uses the Jet-Air Transporter to get Alan and Grandma.

The bomb explodes and the bridge collapses once Virgil saves Alan and Grandma. Scott tries to stop Gomez and Gillespie in Thunderbird 2, but they lose control of the racing car and end up crashing. 😮

Whether Gomez and Gillespie survived or not is unknown. I like how the episode ended with Scott and Virgil playing a joke on Alan as Virgil did an abstract painting of him, but Alan gets his own back.

‘Move – And You’re Dead’ is a very compelling ‘Thunderbirds’ episode. I reflect on how well-written these ‘Thunderbirds’ episodes are and how they seem grown-up despite this being a puppet show. 🙂

On Disc 5 of the complete series of ‘Thunderbirds’ on DVD, the SUPER FEATURES include the ‘F.A.B. Fact File’ on the TV Century 21 records mini albums of ‘Thunderbirds’; a 1960s ‘Making of Thunderbirds’ featurette; a ‘Thunderbirds Rom’ feature showing an in-depth image of Thunderbird 3 to access on your PC or a laptop; and a gallery of original artwork.

‘Move and You’re Dead’ rating – 9/10

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