‘Move and You’re Dead’ (TV)


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This episode is about Alan Tracy in trouble when he and Grandma Tracy are forced to stand on a bridge and cannot move as a motion-sensitive bomb puts their lives at risk. This is tense especially as Alan tells the story to his dad in flashbacks involving a red racing car.

The SUPER FEATURES on Disc 5 of the ‘Thunderbirds’ Complete Series DVD are as follows. There is a ‘F.A.B. Fact File’ on the Century 21 Records Mini Albums of ‘Thunderbirds’; a 1960s ‘Making of Thunderbirds’ documentary; a ‘Thunderbirds Rom’ feature showing an in-depth image of Thunderbird 3 to access on your PC/laptop and a gallery of original artwork.

‘Move and You’re Dead’ rating – 8/10

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