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This is the finale to Season 1 of ‘Thunderbirds’! Season 1 of ‘Thunderbirds’ lasted for 26 episodes whilst Season 2 lasted for 6 episodes. Why Season 2 is shorter than Season 1, I’m not entirely sure. 😐

So, how does Season 1 of ‘Thunderbirds’ end? With a clip show! It’s actually amusing to watch this episode where it has clips from the previous episodes involving many International Rescue missions.

‘Security Hazard’ was even included as the main story in the Top Secret 2001 Annual of ‘Thunderbirds’. 😀 I imagine ‘Security Hazard’ would be a great episode to introduce new viewers. 😀

In the episode, Thunderbird 2 is left unattended during a rescue mission. A young boy named Chip (voiced by Christine Finn) climbs into Pod 1 of Thunderbird 2 and he is taken back to Tracy Island! 😮

Chip’s presence inside Pod 1 in Thunderbird 2 is discovered however. He becomes a security risk to Tracy Island and the International Rescue organisation. Jeff isn’t happy with Chip being on the island.

What’s ironic is that Chip’s puppet for this episode previously appeared as Bob in ‘Cry Wolf’, except he was voiced by Sylvia Anderson. How come there weren’t many echoes from that episode here? 😐

As Jeff tries to decide to what to do about their stowaway, the Tracy brothers find it difficult to resist entertaining Chip with stories of their past rescues, causing a breach of security already taken place.

First up is Virgil who tells his Thunderbird 2 story from the episode ‘End of the Road’. There are of course truncated versions of the stories in the episode. Thus lots of details are edited out in the tale.

As well as Eddie Houseman being known to Tin-Tin, Virgil doesn’t tell Chip that Thunderbird 2 had trouble with the electromagnetic grabs taking Eddie’s explosives tractor away while on the cliff edge.

It might have been embarrassing for Virgil to tell Chip that detail. I’ve also noticed that some pod vehicles in Thunderbird 2’s arsenal look so similar to Eddie’s explosive tractor from ‘End of the Road’.

At the episode’s beginning, we see an International Rescue fire truck that’s similar to the explosive tractor from ‘End of the Road’. I wonder if IR got the designs of the explosives tractor from Eddie. 😀

Next up is Alan who tells his Thunderbird 3 story from the episode ‘Sun Probe’. It’s very amusing Alan was determined to not tell Chip anything, yet admitted he was the pilot of Thunderbird 3 to him.

In his ‘Sun Probe’ story, Alan omits to mention Thunderbird 2’s involvement in the rescue operation. Even when the Sun Probe becomes endangered, we quickly cut from that to Thunderbird 3’s launch.

There’s no discussion among the IR team about what to do and they decide to send out Thunderbirds 3 and 2. And of course, after rescuing Sun Probe, the rescue of Thunderbird 3 is cut. 😐

Yeah, once Scott and Alan are satisfied they saved Sun Probe, they set off for home and TB3’s retro rockets fire easily. Even though they couldn’t fire then and they had to have Thunderbird 2’s help. 😐

After that is Scott who tells his Thunderbird 1 story from the first ‘Thunderbirds’ episode ‘Trapped In The Sky’. It was very funny when Jeff said that Scott wouldn’t divulge secrets to Chip. Wrong, Jeff! 😀

Notable omissions from the ‘Trapped In The Sky’ story told to Chip by Scott is the fact that the Hood was involved and Lady Penelope helped. Though of course, the IR team don’t know about the Hood.

It’s rather odd that ‘Trapped In The Sky’ gets told by Scott as Thunderbird 1 isn’t involved in that story much as it’s Thunderbird 2 that was involved. I personally would have picked ‘The Uninvited’. 🙂

But hey, I suppose the first ‘Thunderbirds’ episode deserves to be told by Chip. It was amusing when Chip was looking forward to seeing Thunderbird 4 next, yet Scott told him it was out of the question.

Next scene: Gordon is showing Thunderbird 4 to Chip and he tells the story of ‘Day of Disaster’ to him. Jeff also ends up sharing secrets to Chip at his desk, much to the Tracy brothers’ amusement. 😀

A shame John couldn’t tell a story to Chip about Thunderbird 5, but a story about the space monitor wouldn’t be interesting. In the end, Chip is returned home asleep and made to think it was all a dream.

‘Security Hazard’ rating – 8/10

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