‘The Man From MI.5’ (TV)



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This is another good ‘Thunderbirds’ episode featuring Lady Penelope. She becomes involved in an espionage mission to recover stolen secrets on behalf of a MI.5 agent. Her life could be in danger. 😐

The British government asks for International Rescue’s help in locating the missing blueprints for an atomic weapon. Lady Penelope is sent to track down the culprits aboard her own yacht called FAB 2.

This takes place in Monte Carlo. A captain aboard his ship was shot five times in the back by a diver who’s later revealed to be Carl (voiced by David Graham). Carl is the one who stole the blueprints. 😐

The MI.5 agent Jimmy Bondson (voiced by Ray Barrett) was meant to meet the captain called Blacker to receive the blueprints. Blacker’s ship explodes and underwater, Bondson finds the papers gone. 😐

When IR is called to help and Lady Penelope is sent in to meet Bondson, he’s told to meet Penelope in the Forest of Digne. There, Lady Penelope has Bondson held at gunpoint in giving the information.

Err, I’m not sure why Penelope had Bondson held at gunpoint and why he was treated with threats. Maybe it’s because Bondson is an MI.5 agent and Penelope was keeping her and IR’s identity secret.

Eventually, Penelope and Parker go to her yacht FAB 2 in Monte Carlo. Penelope poses as model Gayle Williams in order to lure the man who killed the captain in thinking she’s about to expose him.

Just to talk about FAB 2, it’s a nice-looking yacht Penelope has. I wish we could have seen it in more episodes. Mind you, Parker revealed he lost her yacht in his gambling thrills whilst on shore leave. 😀

It was funny when Parker was about to go off to Monte Carlo to visit a casino that he had a bag containing tools in it. It seems Parker might have planned to rig the tables when visiting the casino. 🙂

Once Parker has gone, Carl, who fell for Penelope’s bait as Gayle Williams, kidnaps her and takes her to a boathouse. There, he ties her up to a chair and plants a bomb where she will be blown sky high.

It was funny how Lady Penelope was so cool whilst Carl was making threats to her and about to tie her up. She didn’t sound like she was frightened when Carl had her tied up and she was in control. 😀

When about to be held aboard a bomb-rigged boat, Penelope makes contact with IR headquarters using her compact to warn them about what’s happening. It’s trial and error in this certain instance.

For one thing, Carl knocks the compact out of Lady Penelope’s hand. Another thing is Carl moves Penelope away from her compact and she eventually struggles to get to it whilst tied up to a chair. 😐

Thankfully, everyone on Tracy Island gets Lady Penelope’s message. Scott is off in Thunderbird 1 whilst Virgil and Gordon are off in Thunderbird 2. Thunderbird 2 brings Thunderbird 4 along in Pod 4.

I like how Penelope struggles to get closer to her compact for Jeff to hear her. She eventually falls to one side in order for Jeff to hear and see her. She’s relieved once Jeff is able to hear her properly. 😀

When Scott arrives in Thunderbird 1 at Monte Carlo, he uses tracking equipment in order to locate the submarine where Carl and his goons are. Thankfully, he’s able to locate where the submarine is.

Gordon in Thunderbird 4 soon heads off to where Scott tracked the submarine in Thunderbird 1. Finding the sub, Gordon sharp fires a specialized harpoon equipped with a drill to create a hole in it.

Before Carl and his goons can react, a knockout gas renders them unconscious. The rest of Carl’s lot in the sub include Ritter (voiced by Ray Barrett) and an unnamed man (voiced by Matt Zimmerman).

Thankfully Gordon knocks them out before Carl can detonate the bomb aboard the ship Lady Penelope is on. Scott checks that Lady Penelope is okay whilst Gordon recovers the blueprint plans. 🙂

In the end, Bondson is given back the blueprint plans as Lady Penelope guides him to a large tree in the Forest of Digne. 🙂 Bondson is warned not to trace her or IR, despite accepting his heartfelt thanks.

‘The Man From MI.5’ is definitely a worthwhile ‘Thunderbirds’ episode to watch in the series. I like how cool Lady Penelope is, especially when she gets kidnapped and she has her own life threatened.

‘The Man From MI.5’ rating – 8/10

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