‘The Mighty Atom’ (TV)



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This is a fascinating ‘Thunderbirds’ episode. It’s also another one from the pen of Dennis Spooner. Gosh, Dennis has been busy doing ‘Thunderbirds’ episodes since he left script-editing ‘Doctor Who’!

The episode involves the Hood causing a massive ‘atom bomb’-like explosion when he attempts to steal the secrets of an Australian nuclear power plant. The first attempt happened about a year ago.

‘Atom bomb’-like explosions were quite a big thing in the 1960s when this ‘Thunderbirds’ episode was made. It’s also demonstrated in the first ‘Dalek’ story of ‘Doctor Who’ involving a nuclear fallout.

It’s also interesting how the first attempt by the Hood to steal secrets of an Australian nuclear power planet happened a year ago. And this was all before International Rescue started rescuing people. 😐

It was eerily creepy to see the nuclear cloud spreading after the explosion occurred in Australia, especially with the incidental music playing in the background. Thankfully, the cloud got dispersed. 🙂

Once the nuclear crisis in Australia is over, the Hood has another go to try and steal secrets from an atomic plant in the Sahara Desert. The Hood doesn’t know when to stop or to give up at this point. 😐

Incidentally, it was strange when the curtains to Kyrano’s statue in the Hood’s temple opened up twice in the episode. This is in spite of the fact that the Hood was not actually talking to Kyrano then.

When the Hood has another go, he uses a different and utterly unorthodox approach. He steals a new anti-espionage device called ‘the Mighty Atom’. It happens to be cleverly disguised as a mouse.

There’s a camera inside the little mouse which can take secure detailed images wherever it goes. The Hood uses the little mouse camera in order to take photos of the atomic planet in the Sahara. 😐

It was amusing when the Hood, disguised as a professor, knocks everyone out with his ‘horrible yellow eyes’ and they all collapsed one-by-one. A pity nobody tried to resist the Hood’s eye power. 😦

The mouse camera trick at the atomic plant does work. But that’s not enough for the Hood as he goes one big step further by deliberately sabotaging the installation to lure out International Rescue.

Meanwhile, Lady Penelope visits Tracy Island. It was nice to see Lady Penelope meeting up with Jeff, the Tracy brothers and everyone else and for her to get away from her nice manor house in England.

It was funny to see Parker and Kyrano competing with serving the drinks to everyone before they ended up dropping the tray. You would think that Parker would need to have a break serving people.

Whilst staying at Tracy Island, Lady Penelope becomes bored as she would like to go out on an International Rescue mission. The Tracy brothers tease her a bit in noticing her boredom in the tale.

By the way, John doesn’t seem to spend enough time on Earth compared to Alan when he returns to Thunderbird 5 to take his brother’s place. There’s not even a scene where John is meeting Penelope.

Eventually, International Rescue does get called out and Jeff reluctantly agrees to let Lady Penelope join a rescue mission with Virgil and Gordon in Thunderbird 2. Scott goes off in Thunderbird 1 first. 🙂

On the rescue mission, Gordon pilots Thunderbird 4 whilst Scott and Virgil meet up with the two reactor controllers inside the atomic plant. By the way, there are just two personnel working on site.

They include Reactor Controller Wade (voiced by Ray Barrett) and Reactor Controller Collins (voiced by David Graham). How come the atomic plant didn’t have security guards to stop the Hood’s plans?

I mean, I know the Australian Plant Guard (voiced by David Graham) during the first disaster didn’t do his job well, but at least they had security. Surely the atomic plant must have security on the site.

Lady Penelope is told to stay aboard Thunderbird 2 whilst Scott, Virgil and Gordon are saving the day. She has a fright when the mouse sent by the Hood is aboard Thunderbird 2, which is hilarious. 🙂

After International Rescue are successful in their mission, the Hood checks out the photos from the mouse at his temple. He becomes angry when seeing the mouse only took photos of Lady Penelope.

The Hood pounds the mouse into pieces. Aww, poor mouse. 😀 ‘The Mighty Atom’ is a good ‘Thunderbirds’ story! It features a nuclear/atomic site problem balanced by slightly ‘mousey’ humour.

‘The Mighty Atom’ rating – 8/10

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