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This is another one of my favourite episodes of ‘Thunderbirds’ with Scott Tracy in Thunderbird 1. I recall reading a children’s novelization of ‘The Uninvited’ upon revisiting ‘Thunderbirds’ in the 2000s.

In the story, Thunderbird 1 is mysteriously attacked by a group of unidentified fighters. Thunderbird 1 soon gets hit and crashes into the Sahara Desert. Scott has a nasty bump to his head and he faints.

Incidentally, there’s no clear reason why the unidentified fighters attacked Scott in the first place. This is not helped the attackers speak in a foreign language and there are no subtitles in the episode.

Worried about Scott, Jeff Tracy sends Virgil, Brains and Tin-Tin in Thunderbird 2 to rescue Scott. I like how Jeff, Alan and Gordon on Tracy Island wonder what’s become of Scott whilst he’s in the Sahara.

Back in the desert, two archaeologists Wilson (voiced by Ray Barrett) and Lindsey (voiced by Matt Zimmerman) find Scott in Thunderbird 1 on their way back from their seemingly fruitless expedition.

Apparently, Wilson and Lindsey are searching for the lost Pyramid of Khamandides. They attend to Scott’s injuries till Thunderbird 2 arrives. Scott made contact with home through Wilson and Lindsey.

I like how Scott, Virgil, Brains, Tin-Tin, Wilson and Lindsey convene and share things before they settle down for the night. I did wonder if something bad was to happen that night. Thankfully not! 🙂

The next day, Scott is back at Tracy Island. Wilson and Lindsey continue their journey, but Wilson drives too fast for Lindsey’s likely. Soon, the coupling between their truck and the trailer snaps away.

The trailer rolls down a slope. Before Wilson and Lindsey can get to it, the trailer explodes, destroying all their food, water and fuel. Gosh, things couldn’t get that much unlucky for them gents.

Thankfully they manage to find their radio but it was damaged during the explosion. Wilson and Lindsey soon find a waterhole whilst they still have fuel left in their truck. But the waterhole is dry. 😦

Wilson and Lindsey try sending out a distress call to International Rescue. This episode also introduces us to Thunderbird 3 as Alan and Scott head up to Thunderbird 5 in order to relieve John.

I’d like to point out a continuity error since the clothes Alan wears upon arrival in Thunderbird 3 don’t match to what he wears going up the elevator. Those are the clothes he would wear in ‘Sun Probe’.

Apparently, series creator Gerry Anderson didn’t take to Thunderbird 3 despite its essentialness for space rescue missions. I like Thunderbird 3 and do wish it had been used more often in the TV series.

There is confusion regarding the production order and transmission order of these ‘Thunderbird’ episodes. I think the production order should be the order to follow instead of transmission order. 🙂

This is because the relief duties of Alan taking over from John aboard Thunderbird 5 are inconsistent. I’m not entirely sure a number of weeks have passed between the two brothers relieving each other.

Upon returning to Tracy Island, John isn’t with Scott when going back up on the ‘couch elevator’. Even Gerry Anderson won’t allow John to be sitting with Scott after he had just come home from Thunderbird 5.

I assume John is still inside Thunderbird 3 doing some maintenance checks. It’s hard to tell since Jeff doesn’t enquire about John’s whereabouts before he sends Scott off to rescue Wilson and Lindsey.

And yes, Wilson and Lindsey’s faint distress call is received by Alan aboard Thunderbird 5 before Scott goes off in Thunderbird 1. Wilson and Lindsey also find the pyramid they’ve been looking for. 🙂

The rest of the episode becomes dramatic with Wilson and Lindsey entering and exploring the pyramid before Scott manages to find them. Lindsey does go ‘crazy’ during a shoot-out with Scott. 😀

The pyramid also happens to be the base of the fighters who shot down Scott in Thunderbird 1 the other day. Scott, Wilson and Lindsey manage to escape their captors just before the lost pyramid explodes.

There’s so much to say about ‘The Uninvited’, but I recommend you check the episode out. It’s very engaging, gripping and full of action scenes. I still consider the episode to be one of my favourites. 🙂

‘The Uninvited’ rating – 9/10

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