‘Thunderbirds’ – The Characters

Here’s a list of the ‘Thunderbirds’ characters in the original 1960s TV series.

(voiced by Peter Dyneley)

Jeff is the noble and selfless father of his five Tracy sons and is the head of the International Rescue organisation.

(voiced by Shane Rimmer)

Scott is the eldest son of the Tracy brothers. He is fast-talking and quick thinking. He’s always first on the rescue scene, piloting Thunderbird 1.

(voiced by David Holliday (Season 1) and Jeremy Wilkin (Season 2))

Virgil is the fearless son of the Tracy brothers. He usually gets into the main action on the rescue scene, piloting Thunderbird 2.

(voiced by Matt Zimmerman

Alan is the youngest of the Tracy brothers. He’s an astronaut piloting Thunderbird 3. He’s rather boyish and sweet on Tin-Tin Kyrano.

(voiced by David Graham)

Gordon is the aquanaut who pilots Thunderbird 4. He is very good hearted and eager to get into rescue missions that don’t usually involve underwater.

(voiced by Ray Barrett)

John is the unfortunate son who spends most of his time in Thunderbird 5, monitoring all radio transmissions from Earth for their rescue operations.

(voiced by David Graham)

Brains is the scientist and engineer working for International Rescue. He’s quite nerdy but very brilliant, especially when it comes to solving dangerous rescue missions.

(voiced by Sylvia Anderson)

Lady Penelope is International Rescue’s London Agent. She’s very glamorous and pretty, though she’s tough as metal.

(voiced by David Graham)

Parker, or Nosey Parker, is one of my favourite characters from the ‘Thunderbirds’ series. He’s Lady Penelope’s chauffer and has the habit of saying “You rang, Milady?” and “Yes, Milady.”

(voiced by David Graham)

Kyrano is the manservant of the Tracy household on Tracy Island. He is the father of Tin-Tin and is the half-brother of the villainous Hood.

(voiced by Christine Finn)

Tin-Tin is the daughter of Kryano and Brains’ assistant. She’s a very willing member of the International Rescue team and is close to Alan Tracy.

(voiced by Ray Barrett)

The Hood is International Rescue’s arch-nemesis. He causes disasters to happen and can hypnotise people with his yellow-glowing eyes.

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