‘Thunderbirds’ – The Machines

Here’s a list of the ‘Thunderbirds’ machines in the original 1960s TV series.


This is a blue and silver rocket-type aircraft that is the spearhead of the International Rescue operations. Thunderbird 1 is regularly piloted by Scott Tracy and is very sleek and fast.


This is the giant green transporter machine that carries the rescue equipment. It contains one of six pods, each with special rescue vehicles including the Mole, the Firefly and the Transmitter Truck. Thunderbird 2 is regularly piloted by Virgil Tracy.


This is a tall red rocket that is designed for the outer space rescue missions whenever somebody’s in danger in space. Thunderbird 3 is regularly piloted by Alan Tracy.


This is the smallest craft of the Thunderbird fleet. It is used for underwater rescues and is contained in Pod 4 of Thunderbird 2. Thunderbird 4 is regularly piloted by Gordon Tracy.


This is the space monitoring station that orbits the Earth. It picks up any calls and transmissions for help from around the world. Thunderbird 5 is usually manned by John Tracy.


Although not an actual Thunderbird machine, this is Lady Penelope’s trusty pink Rolls-Royce, driven by her chauffer Parker. Fab 1 gets Lady Penelope to places and contains a fine armoury.

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