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Welcome to the ‘Timeslip’ page on ‘Bradley’s Basement’.

This is where I will be posting reviews on both the ‘Timeslip’ TV series and the Big Finish audios. Like with ‘Star Cops’, I’ve been watching the short-lived ‘Timeslip’ TV series in preparation for the Big Finish audios, especially since my favourite ‘Doctor Who’ star and best friend Sarah Sutton is starring in them. 🙂

‘Timeslip’ is a ground-breaking sci-fi children’s TV drama series that was made by ATV in 1970-71. It focuses on two teenagers, Liz Skinner and Simon Randall, who discover a ‘time barrier’ which enables them to travel to different periods and locations – from World War II to chilling visions of the future.

The series was devised by Ruth Boswell and it has Cheryl Burfield as Liz Skinner and Spencer Banks as Simon Randall. Denis Quilley stars as Commander Traynor, a pivotal character in the TV series. Sarah Sutton stars as Charlotte Trent, a pivotal character in the Big Finish audios. I hope you’ll enjoy my thoughts on ‘Timeslip’ as a series both TV and audio.

Here is a list of my reviews on the ‘Timeslip’ series both in TV and audio. Click on the links below to see and read my reviews.

Enjoy! 🙂

‘Timeslip’ (TV Series)

‘Timeslip’ (Big Finish Audios)

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