‘Doctor Octopus – Armed and Dangerous’ (TV)

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I first saw this episode when I purchased the ‘Spider-Man vs. Doc Ock’ DVD, which was released at the same time ‘Spider-Man 2’ was released at the cinemas. In this episode, Spider-Man meets Doctor Octopus/Doc Ock for the first time in the animated series. This is a great introduction for Ock.

Doc Ock is a mad scientist with four metallic arms to kill. It’s no surprise that Doc Ock went on to be one of the best supervillains of the ‘Spider-Man’ series both in comics and TV. Doc Ock would later become the big baddie for the aforementioned ‘Spider-Man 2’ movie, which is one of my favourites.

In this episode, Peter Parker is about to take Felicia Hardy out on a date. But Felicia gets kidnapped by Doc Ock at her house. Doc Ock wants ransom money from the Hardy Foundation for his experiments. This episode features the first appearance of Felicia’s Hardy mother, Anastasia, in the series.

I enjoyed how the origins of Doc Ock came about in the episode, as he was once a mild-mannered scientist in Dr. Otto Octavius before the terrible experiment happened and he became insane. It transpires Dr. Octavius was once Peter Parker’s science teacher from those days when he was a kid.

Very soon, Doc Ock has two hostages when he has both Felicia Hardy and J. Jonah Jameson. I liked that scene when Peter Parker tries to reason with Doc Ock but fails in the process. Spider-Man soon comes in on the scene to rescue Felicia and Jameson and defeat Doc Ock. It was so exciting to watch.

‘Doctor Octopus – Armed and Dangerous’ rating – 10/10

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