‘Doctor Strange’ (TV)


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It’s time for Season 3 of the 1990s ‘Spider-Man’ animated TV series! At the end of Season 2, Peter Parker lost Mary Jane when she was taken away by someone who could’ve been her father. We find out what happened to her in this episode and we’re introduced to the mystic superhero Dr. Strange.

There’s a flashback where Anna Watson is upset about her niece gone missing and she blames Peter for it. Harry isn’t happy either as Mary Jane trusted to tell Peter what she was doing and not him. Incidentally, Anna Watson is voiced by Majel Barrett, the wife of Gene Roddenbery from ‘Star Trek’.

Wow! I’m amazed that the actress who played Nurse Chappell and Lwaxana Troi in ‘Star Trek’ is voicing Mary Jane’s Aunt Anna in the ‘Spider-Man’ 1990s TV series. It does get repetitive mind with Aunt Anna. She always blames Peter for things and isn’t happy with her niece Mary Jane seeing him.

Mind you, the reason for her anger towards Peter in this episode is justifiable as he’s concerned about Mary Jane’s whereabouts too. He eventually finds Mary Jane among a group of flying ninjas under the spell of Baron Mordu as they serve the will of Dormammu. This leads to Doctor Strange. 🙂

Doctor Strange is an unusual Marvel superhero as he has the powers of mysticism and magic. I don’t know much about him in the comics, but I have seen him in his own movie ‘Doctor Strange’ starring Benedict Cumberbatch, set in the ‘MCU’. It was intriguing to compare and contrast the film and this.

In this cartoon episode, Dr. Strange seems very versed in the mystic arts and knows all about Baron Mordu’s evil plans to set Dormammu free. I think the cartoon version of Dr. Strange in this ‘Spider-Man’ episode is better than in the MCU version, since the cartoon is more faithful to comics’ version.

Spidey acquires the help of Dr. Strange to save Mary Jane from the demon-like Dormammu and Baron Mordu. This episode also features Wong, who is like Dr. Strange’s ally in his endeavours. Wong is voiced by George Takei who played Sulu in the original ‘Star Trek’ series. That’s so amazing!

I like how Mary Jane overcomes her fears and realises that Mordu and Dormammu were trying to hypnotise her into believing her father loved her whereas in fact he didn’t. Spidey soon takes Mary Jane home, but Dr. Strange senses he and Wong are being watched as Madame Webb is watching. 😐

‘Doctor Strange’ rating – 7/10

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